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I saw the title, clicked, was disappointed.

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...when they get bigger they can kick your jaw off and jump a 6' fence. ...so cute.

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Haven't they also been know to kill pumas or mountain lions? Bitching!

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I guess. They're most known for killing canids. Donkeys HATE canids. Dogs, wolves, coyotes, etc. That's how you protect a herd of horses or cattle. You get a crusty old donkey who is too old and too lazy to care about much besides chilling near the fence with his dick hanging out. He doesn't give much of a shit about the herd. He'll stay in sight, but won't bother to keep up. Thing is, while he gives an outward appearance of calm and cool, every now and then he will see a coyote or dog or wolf out stalking a calf or colt. And that really pisses him off. Not because it's after something in the herd, he doesn't give a shit about that. He just hates canids. So he'll run it down and stomp it flat. And if you look closely in the fields, you'll see furry pancakes that the guard-donkey leaves behind.

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Six decimal fence. That’s not a real measurement you dumbshit

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Foot. 6' = six foot. What the fuck? Are you from Canada or something?

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You sound homesick.

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Awwwh, he probably wishes he smelled like flowers instead of ass. Poor fella.

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"Smelly ass"

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If he smelled the other direction he'd leave cute little ass-smelling flowers.

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So this picture means amalek is out of jail?