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"Where's the proof? The documents, the graves [...]" Don't bother.

The jews never made any attempt to prove the holocaust either. They don't have forensic evidence. And they don't need it. They just need to make up numbers and people will believe it.

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I just love that this is still on Reddit of all places, several years after those cucked admins first started trying to ban all right-of-Marx European discussions.


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Hey i've got an idea! How about we round up 6 million jews and produce the evidence! I'm sure they're up for it at this point, those lying pricks.

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do you have a college education? be honest

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I do. And he's exactly right.

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"Poles were actually Nazis, goyim. So it's ok to invade...I mean "enrich" their country with "refugees" hehehe"

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It's damn shameful and I feel stabbed in the back tbh

You knew damn well I was a snake, before you took me in!

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shit hole

I dunno why but they really love that place. A fucking desert with one fucking bush. Even Australia is better.

They should be fighting muzzies anyways.

The muzzies are tools. They'll depopulate the ME and ruin Europe.

Greater Zion as envisaged by Hertzl.

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No. They let them fight the whites by sending the muzzies to western countries. Nuance.

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Israel has to go and given back to Palestine. Jews can go back to Ukraine/southern Russia where they came from

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The jews are backstabbers. Its over for them again. Too many people talking. The jews are desperately trying to stop this talk through censorship. Its time to pay the piper again, kikes.

I'm liking Poland more and more. I even stopped telling "polock" jokes and now insert jews into them instead

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I'm in Ireland and amazed at how many people have been getting wise to the Jews here lately. Our lefties have always hated them, but in an ineffective lefty sorta way, but I'm noticing more frequent throwaway comments regarding the Jew from your average punter in recent years. Think it might be related to the short lived ministry of justice career of (((Alan Shatter))) that opened peoples eyes; nobody before ever gave away as many passports, and he was ousted after only about a year.

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Long live the Irish!

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and the jew screams as he strikes you……………

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Poland has always been pretty bad ass. They were dead against the Nazi war machine but they still fought a losing battle on horses.

They aren't idiots either. A lot of brilliant scientists came from Poland. That's another Jewish trick, convincing everyone Poles are stupid.

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No, they say all polish scientists were jews.

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Still lying about the holohaux. There was no concerted or organized effort to kill people, most of them died due to starvation following allied bombardments of factories and storages of food or typhus itself.

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You know you're doing something right when the jews turn against you...

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Fake victims always hate on the real victims.

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