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"Water?! Why are you on a diet?"

-some fat piece of shit

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That doesn't have what plants need!

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Was that an Idiocracy reference?

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"You are fatshaming me, white men drinking water is fashaming just like drinking milk is racism."

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I do this too, and know many people that do. We don't want to pay for fucking water and we also don't want to have to go drink out of those nasty water fountains each time we want a sip of water. If you're going to be gone all day, a gallon of water is a pretty legit volume. This is so fucking simple to understand. That tweet makes my head hurt.

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Funny thing is this is common as hell in the military. Go to the gym and you'll see several guys carrying gallon jugs. Go to a training by PowerPoint and you'll see a couple jugs. When I was in a classroom for five weeks, nearly half of us had gallon jugs. The rest had some other form of bottle. This isn't a white thing she's seeing; it's a military thing.

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It's also a common sense thing. Why buy a bunch of tiny bottles when you can one big one? It's cheaper too.

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One gallon jug of water 99cents. 20 oz bottle of dasani 1.25 or more. No reaaon not to buy gallons.

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Out in California, that gallon jug will cost you $1 +CRV and tax. If you buy a case of water, you're paying that crv on every bottle.

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less backwash

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Yep. Also most of the shit on the market for "hydration" isn't as advertised. Camelbaks/geigerrig or your run off the mill plastic "reusable" bottles you could try to stuff in a C9 pouch(you yanks call them the saw) all end up being really difficult to clean or find one that doesn't make what you're drinking taste like plastic. There are some OKish stainless steel bottles however you still have some strange petrochemical smell.

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Effervescent denture cleaner my friend

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Yeah, camelbaks and similar products are a bitch and a half to clean. You can sanitize them but removing build up is nearly impossible.

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I prefer vacuum insulated bottles/thermos, nothing like put-you-into-shock-cold water out on the hot sweaty trail, or hot coffee in a blizzard. Sadly I haven't seen any large gallon sized ones.

Camelbaks and similar may be hard to clean, but they are perfect for dirt-bikers since they only require one hand for a couple of seconds to get the bit in your mouth.

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They make vacuum-insulated 64z. growlers, I think. Get 2 and you've got yourself a gallon.

CORRECTION: Bezos (penises be upon him) will sell you a 128z. vacuum-insulated flask--in OD green if you want--for $125. You can search for it. Since we now live The Art of the Deal™, I'll bet a better deal can be had elsewhere, too.

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YETI makes a gallon jug. My work sells them.

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Also football and entry level manual labor

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Judging by his jacket and backpack, I'm guessing this dude probably woke up at 6, ran 5 miles, lifted for an hour, and still made it to class on time.

Also worth considering...

20oz bottle of water from the vending machine: $1.50

1gal jug of water from the grocery store: $1.25


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1 gal jug refilled: $0.01

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Just swap it out every week

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Yes, and the lazy, fat SJW snoozed her alarm for 30 minutes at 730, grabbed a couple donuts as she checked her instagram and strolled into class 7 minutes late.

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Such a privileged life!

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Also lots less plastic killing Disney fairies!

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How dare that person use an easy method to track their water consumption!

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People hydrating themselves is super fucking annoying. Especially when white men seeking a higher education do it.

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I know you are joking but there is an annoying part, when some one finishes a bottle then squeezes the empty bottle.

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It takes up less room in the trash/recycling bin

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I can’t agree with you more on that. Ha

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You wont die of thirst during a class. Wait for the end of class. Nobody want to hear some dumb cunt make weird noises during class. Have some respect for others ffs.

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Learn English faggot, have some respect for others ffs.

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US Army jacket, camo backpack and a gallon of water. Someone has been to the sandbox.

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I'm thinking ROTC.

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You mean Minecraft?

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Where his grape drank?

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I is right here nigga

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Yo nigga ,let me get ya pull off day grape drank

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Wait till she sees what he brought the empty jug for!

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I prefer a gatoraid bottle. The wide mouth allows me to seat the tip of my penis firmly in the opening so I can be sure not to piss all over my hands.

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Number one reason I prefer Gatorade for road trips

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Real men line up their urethra with the opening of a water bottle and press down to try to make a seal....Real men wipe up a lot of piss

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