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Ok, explain to me like I'm old.

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You know the difference between ignorance & apathy?

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don't know, don't care?

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Explain what?

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Is this the crazy cunt that shot up youtube? I get that. The fucked picture that looks like a shot from a 3D film gone wrong without the 3D glasses. That's more critique than curious. The whole fucking message is ...Wut?

Is she going to sacrifice this chicken on a chopping block? Cuz that's just goofy retardo creepy, not funny, not edgy. The 'big cock' references are understandable, but juvenile as fuck. That's OK, but I just expect more than that. Sorry. I can't summon a hurr durr dats funny today. My humor might be impaired due to a weed up my ass, but I digress.

If this is OC, groovy, but I'm not going to just say GREAT! because. No just because here. More of WTF. Please. Elaborate.

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Is the 'woman stroking a giant cock' a subliminal message?

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Yeah, it is. She knows what she wants, and how to get it.

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I think the fact that “she” is a fucking dude is the more important subliminal message, because that is a man in a body suit.

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Expertly played my friend.

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Thank u Vladimir.

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You know what makes this post campaign so fucking beautiful? It's that so many worthless fucking fag-boys on Voat don't get it at all, and whine incessantly about it precisely because they're too stupid to see a beautiful piece of trolling wrapped up in undeniable truth.

You've done more to point out the worthless fucking reddit-fags than anyone else has in the last year, myself included. Hats off to you! And continue the good work: reddit-fags can't help themselves, and the more you post, the more they'll reveal themselves as the worthless kike shit-stains they are....

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Thanks. Glad to see people able to break off from the mold and see the "kino" factor of Nasim posting. Despite voats advice not to, i think in the end i will include her in my banner of freedom fighters in my Tavern sub. Its OK if people don't know fashwave, hell a year ago i didn't know about it ether, but people should understand the greater underlying message of that shooting. The message to us, and had she had any competence and planing, a message to (((them))) as well.

I really liked alt hype's take on things: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iP0WOfVD_M8

Now if you'll excuse me, i have some Assad vs Trump memes to make, not enough people here hate me yet.

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Yeah this nut job cunt needs to be kept in the forefront. Shoots up youtube HQ, falls out of the news cycle within 48 hours.

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Woman + non white + non christian + leftist + vegan. Shut it down goy!

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This entire series deserves a /v/halloffame archival post.

You're a true aurtist

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U wot m8 ?

Are you fucking flirting with me ?