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I don't think we should have involved ourselves in Syria, I'm not quite sure the chemical attack was real or done by Assad.

You have been banned from The_Donald for concern trolling

Can you explain exactly what rule I broke? And what even defines 'concern trolling' ? Am I not allowed to disagree with certain decisions?

You have been muted from messaging the moderators.

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The mods there are literally Israeli

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daily reminder that T_D was taken over by leftists and shareblue kikes in feb of 2016

worth a read

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Can confirm. Been banned on T_D four times for "concern trolling." Last time was a perma-ban.

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It was always so cringey when you would see 'mods are gods' all over. So strange.

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At this point I sincerely believe that at least half the active users on that sub are pro-Trump shills or bots. With all the mass bannings, there can't be many real, human Trump supporters still posting there.

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Close, but not hebrew enough.

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Needs a bigger nose?

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I posted a video (on /r/the_donald) of a US Marine colonel talking about Israel military forces sniping hundreds of marines during occupation of the middle east. I believe the video was posted here on Voat yesterday. Anyways, I was immediately banned for not following rule #6.

That rule is "Only supporters of Donald Trump"

If you criticize Israel on that forum, you no longer support the president. That place is absolutely compromised.

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All that soy made his neckbeard fall out. And it's a tossup whether his Somalian roommate stole his fedora or if the Mexican one did.

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They're constantly preaching freedom of speech, but won't let you on their Discord channel unless you're an active poster, what about lurkers like me who prefer not to post a lot? Nope, not invited.

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@heygeorge, how did our resident top mod get out of SBBH? I thought we had him chained in the dungeon...

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Lol I have no idea. It's gonna take weeks to stuff that faggot back in his hole!

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Dress him up like Santa? That fatass will fit down any chimney so maybe he can too.

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Why is he smoking though?

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Jews are degenerate.

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