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Why the fuck do you keep making us look at this ugly cunt?

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She took matters into her own hands, she delivered justice, she delivered the law of the gun, she removed the jew, she censored them back....permanently. The world is controlled by 200ish people. Imagine if we all took a gun in our hand and.......freed our selves from the jew.

She is the queen of voat. If you don't like her, you're just gonna have to wait for the next girl shooter to beat her, and hope she is prettier and white. Or if you're sexy, you can do it.

Also, help your pepe out here: https://voat.co/v/guns/2502187

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She?? The dude on hormones and with a wig, is a she?

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LMAO. Where did you score all the images of the youtube shooter?

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She is the new queen of /pol/. And of voat.

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It's a vegan tranny muslim. Lol. Only faggot would worship that.

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That trap cat was a better queen. This is just a nasty eyebrow monster.

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Is that a guy?

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nou you

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My hero.

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I'd have stuck my dick in her, assuming I were single. I can't, 'cause it'd piss off the missus and she's probably a bear. Pretty sure she's a bear...

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Spoken like a true Isreali

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I'm almost 90% convinced at this point that the Iranians are, in actuality, good and naural allies to the US's interests because:

1) Israel really hates them

2) they dont have a central bank

3) Ethnic Persians are white, unlike most of the middle east.

Kinda puts a different spin on BHO giving them those pallets of cash but hey I'm just a dumbass kid, wtf do I know

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An Iranian that shoots up jews redeems her self no?

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Tranny throwing the baphomet sign