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I don't give a flying fuck what happens to the sand niggers in the middle east as long as money from the US is not involved. We really need to get back to a non-interventionist policy. The US should cut all ties with israel and the saudis and tell them good fucking luck. I honestly hope that entire region nukes itself.

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Cut ties to israel.

Well...there is that little problem with 3000% over representation of jews in the US government.....

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or who the U.S. government answers to and prioritizes over it's own citizens

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Dare what?

My reputation here?

I have no worries and I have no fear

I have no cares for coward dares

She proved nothing.

Except you goats wil treat her as such

Not a scapegoat but a delusional slut

A martyr for nothing

Someday the children will sing......’REMEMBER..wait ...what?

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Way too generous 2 at best..

Lol Cheers!

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I bet she had a certain amount of crazy in bed... so daring!

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Is powerful another word for oversaturated?

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No, because the "over" part would imply its too much and therefore undesired. Powerful in desired.

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wait what are you niggers up to this time? I want to play

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