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Silly boy! Those are acid baths. Reusable to!

German chemistry is top notch!

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Now over here group is the special covers that went over the pools where they would drown poor Goldbergs and then the evil nazis would play water sports in the corpse filled pool before skinning and making lamp shades out of them.

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The even more hilarious part of this is the excuse they came up for their presence in the camps:

Oy vey it was fire fighting reservoirs! Why would a death camp have a swimming pool?

Why would there be death camps? Why would there be roller coasters? Why would there be gas? Why would there be so many “survivors” to tell thier story afterwards?

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We'd better make sure to have proper fire safety at our death camp or the prisoners might die in a fire.

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I survived 6 gorillion death camps, I rode the death coaster, bathed in the electric showers and when they could not make me into soap, they tried to drown me in the grand drowning pool, like modern day sims as soon as I got in they tried to delete the ladder back out. But I survivied! If only the Nazis had remembered to not feed me house me and treat me for community based illnesses they might have gotten the better of me

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Resivoirs with handrails for climbing out, and diving board pedestals.

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No Goy, those are drowning pools! Hundreds of thousands died in there... DAILY!

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I heard it was only a couple Gorundrerd.

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Oy vey! Polo!

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That's uhh.... that's where they boiled the prisoners alive!

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They're not even heated! THOSE INHUMAN MONSTERS!!!

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