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Is he giving the racist "OK" sign?

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White power.

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Muh, Confirmed satanist!!! Look at his satanic gang signs!!! Lol

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They are serious you know.... only people who make it big are tranny satanists

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Didn't his buddy, Sammy Davis Jr, actually join the Church of Satan? Oh yeah, he did!

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Frank Sinatra was the Ozzy Osborne of my dad’s generation.

Bad ass for the sake of being go fuck yourself......pardon my French....fuck France

Modern equivalent...... Millie circus and her broke back dad

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Frank Sinatra sounds best blaring out the radio of a Pontiac Bonneville sedan. Had him on the tape deck for thousands of miles back then.

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My old man had someone play ‘I did it my way’ at his funeral, I cried and smiled.

Remember how tapes ran in a loop of awesome?


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Hank Sr was the Ozzy of that day

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I watched The Voice and Adam Levin butchered Fly Me To The Moon. He sang it as a duet with Blake Shelton. Blake sang it better. Wish Levin had let Shelton take the whole song.

Man I hate singers that put their spin on standards. Just sing the mother fucker like it's a regular song for crissakes.

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The world needs more hats.

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Tips fedora.

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We've done something naughty.

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I notice pewdiepie does the same thing with his fingers. Is there any urban dictionary’esque racist undertone to it?

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Not racist at the moment, but could be declared racist at any time, at which all of his sponsors will be vilified and boycotted by witch hunt mobs of tolerance.

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666 Gangsign Lot of those people do the same sign.

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