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"Flamboyant liberal queer" translation mentally unstable, low impulse control, high neurotisism.

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Yep. The DSM used to be correct.

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And then the "deathly afraid of being called a bigot" generation arrived.

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I would still fuck his faggot ass

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I can't get away from faggotry even on voat?

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Lynching material.

Liberal do not deserve rights.

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Another democrat with a gun, just like 90% of the rest of the gun violence.

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do you honestly think its as low as 90%

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Best to redistribute the dem owned guns to responsible gun owners.

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This graphic is bullshit, same map with different titles unless there’s a whole bunch of guns popping off in north eastern Minnesota

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This fucking timeline hahahaha

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Here she is in a buzzfeed propaganda campaign.

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Tranny is a torque multiplication unit called a transmission where I come from...and it also means a person with both a vagina and penis

[–] Tallest_Skil 1 points 8 points (+9|-1) ago 

No, that’s hermaphrodites. Trannies either have a skin tube grafted onto their cunt or their dick has been cut off and sewn into a gaping wound.

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Hmm they do have an input and an output.

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I've been using "Trans" instead of "Tranny" for the last couple of years. Thank you, Mike Finnegan.

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Also a transistor in electronics.

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Don't say queer cause it's insulting to fags and buttfuckers.

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Good. Fags need to be insulted to death.

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She? Does SHE have a dick? Ain't a she, taht that is he.

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This is her in 2013 [EDIT: 2009] (PDF warning): http://scifair.nmsu.edu/files/2013/10/ansci-jr-09.pdf

Animal Sciences: Junior Division. Fiona McCrossin (1st Place). Sierra Middle School, Las Cruces, NM.

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The police report says "22 year old female."

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Wow, searching her name pulls up all kinds of dox material. It's amazing how much information people just toss out into the wild.

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Communists project and (((they))) teach their minions to project as well. The reason they don't want the white, responsible, NRA member, Trump supporter to have a gun is because if the roles were reversed they would start a war by killing anything that disagreed with them. They could totally see themselves killing "nazis", and so they think that we will kill them without cause.

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Yup, My homosexual neighbor said he could never own a gun because he would start shooting people he didn't like.

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I have heard similar from similar people. Also when the whole trump thing started you would see stuff online about "i need to get a gun so i can shoot nazis (trump supporters)", nothing to do with defending themselves, or being responsible with a deadly weapon.

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so they think that we will kill them without cause.

To be fair they are really making the case for it. Although technically that would be for "cause".

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This is a very important point. Leftist project. ALWAYS. When you view their actions through this lens it becomes chilling what psychopaths they really are. They want all manner of restrictions on society because in their minds they will cause wanton destruction to everything and everyone unless prevented by heavy regulations. This is all the more clear when you read their insane twitter posts where they nonchalantly threaten death to non-leftists. Liberalism truly is a mental disease.

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I think that the reason communists are for gun control is because they want to oppress us completly. Like those British people whose daughters are stolen by pedophiles and the police only shows up to arrest the fathers trying to retrieve them.

If law abiding Americans can be made to surrender their guns, the criminal element (which is not the target of gun control, otherwise they would be for more enforcement of existing laws) will become their direct oppressor. Most likely nigger and mexicunt gangs, but even other kinds of criminal organizations which will be willing to do things more horrible to the public than even law-enforcement.

This kind of thing has happened in Venezuela, South Africa, UK and other places.

[–] peacegnome 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

I'm saying that "they (the minions of the (((globalists)))) relate" to wanting to cause violence and kill people they don't like, so as they understand it gun control is the only thing keeping gun owners from killing every black and liberal person in the US. if we had automatic weapons, or barrel shrouds, then the black race will go extinct.

You are probably right though. The end game for the rulers is that the poor eat the other poor and middle class, giving them full control of everything.

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"Immediately registered it"


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Ya I caught that, too. wtf

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With the state police?

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This is why, in their liberal projection, they want everyone else disarmed. Because they set human behavioral metrics by their own temperament. Even if they're not aware they're doing it.

Think about how often SJWs get into spats and lose their shit over minor things. Then project that instability onto every other human on the planet. This is why they live in alternating states of rage and abject fear.

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What is the point in censoring her name?

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Fiona "mc.....in" that's all I got

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Fiona McCrossin. Found by DDG'ing the news headline.

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Only facesbook is allowed to know who she is.

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I was thinking that too, especially since this thread has everything related to her but the sonogram of her inside mother (I'm guessing, haven't made it all the way down yet).

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I'm guessing so that we don't get to find out her name.

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For what purpose? She posted publicly and attached a photo of her face. What is the point of giving her privacy she herself wasn't interested in?

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