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Man I still cant believe that's AI.

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This guy probably got some stink finger in his dad's 1956 chevy bel-air at the end of the night.

[–] mrfetus 4 points -2 points (+2|-4) ago 

I want better for that woman.

[–] ninjajunkie 1 points 12 points (+13|-1) ago 

I think dressing properly is a good first step towards bringing this back. Dressing like a professional man rather than jeans and t shirts has done more to improve my mindset than anything in a long time.

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You can get a lot more puss dressed in a nice fitting suit and smelling good than wearing a "Supreme" tee shirt and jeans. Plus dressing good give you a ton of confidence.

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A well-tailored suit is the male equivalent of lingerie. Just sayin'.

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Doesn't even need to be a suit. A nice shirt and khakis works wonders.

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When dates would cost less than a day’s worth of work.

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Civilization is going down the toilet. Cultural Marxism has killed the west. The only solution would be to colonize Mars and make it a white planet.

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I love how ladylike she looks. She doesn't have her tits on a platter, her ass isn't hanging out of her shorts or encased in skin-tight yoga pants, and she looks classy and elegant. She doesn't have a pound of makeup on her face until she looks like a living photoshop, either, which is refreshing.

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For me, the first thing I noticed was the soda fountain stools. My grandfather rocked a few in his shop till the day he died. They are great for getting hours of work in. Probably would have been a little better if they were actually mounted though.

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I remember both types of stools.

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So much more class back-then than now.

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