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/v/cooking is a good place for pix

Your cake and pie look very tasty!

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Nice anus cake.

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lol, tough crowd on VOAT.

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No kidding, but I did step out of line. We appreciate our traditional members of society. I like to spray my diarrhea brain liberally and just see what happens.

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Go back to your decaf, smoke free bubble zone.

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I could almost get my fist in there

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Goatse Pie, a classic.

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Anus like an empty headlock:)

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I would bake stuff even if I was married, guys should be able to make food too.

Marble cake is kinda light colored perhaps. Made them in a masonry oven and temperature dropped a bit too much. Was slow to start and noticed midway that I was one tea spoon short of the needed baking powder, so had to do a quick shopping trip. Succeeded quite well anyway.

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I was going to mock you by saying you will attract a nice husband with that cake.

Well, I said it. So I guess I did.

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You are right.

All men should know how to cook, if not to attract a potential mate, at least to be self sufficient and have some sembalance of a quality standard of living

My fiancee and i met because we love to bake

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My name amen it all but guys should be able to bake to.

Except cinnamon rolls. Those are beasts. I end up getting mad and turning mine into cinnamon logs because the dough fuggs up.

Nice pics btw.

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I used to be a baker. Third best job I've had.

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Was it in a prison or jail cafeteria?

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Those are gorgeous! I've never tried lingonberries before...what are they like?

We have Make It Monday over on Trad Wives, which is a day where ladies like to share something they've made. Most often, it's food! I've been meaning to post a pic of my homemade bagels for ages but Mondays are busy and I always forget. You should start a food pics subvoat if that's something you'd like - create your own content!

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Lingonberries are quite bitter and a bit dry, not sweet at all. Did not know you could make pies with them, around here they are usually made into an unsweetened jam and served as a side-dish with meatballs, meatloaf etc. Not a fan myself, but apparently quite popular.

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So basically the Scandinavian version of cranberries, I guess.

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Dat lingonberry pie :)

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Or is it a klingonberry pie?

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You had to make it weird.

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Only if he makes a QAPLA of them

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Your cake looks like Uranus.

Oh wait, I meant my anus.

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You could almost put a fist through that cake hole, maybe you shouldn't abuse your anus quite that much... Or do, it is your anus after all. I wouldn't, but that is just me.

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Those look great! It would be nice to see a picture of your masonry oven too, I have been wanting to build one.

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Sadly it is not build brick by brick by some masonry master, just a store sold model. My oven is an older version of this https://www.nunnauuni.com/en/product/ama-1/ it is couple decades old now and I should pry the bottom stone off and add some sand to even it out.

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Thanks for the info. I will check it out.

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Coooool! How do you cook with it - do you light a fire, or what?

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Any man who doesn't know how to cook is either Jew, a nigger, or a filthy fucking beta who stuffs his fat ass with Hot Pockets and Oreos. It amazes me - even though it shouldn't - how many kike cum-holes in this thread think it's appropriate to criticize a man for baking a fucking pie. Really, just how much of a fucking nigger or kike do you have to be to criticize a man for being able to do something that you yourself are incapable of mastering????

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