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Saw a protestor today holding a Mexican flag. Person protesting the President of the United States on US soil waving a Mexican flag.

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that's pretty old sombrero at this point

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Should have hit them with your car.

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It was on TV and his car was outside....

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there were more trump voters in california then any other state

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This guy is funny as shit. Truth, but funny.

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USA bought west of the mississippi river from mexico, that means get out and stay out.

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Please make this happen. California or at least all the communist parts of it please leave the union.

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As an example of how bad it has gotten; this year a politician is campaigning in California for the MEXICAN presidential election. There are so many Mexican citizens there that California could turn the election in Mexico.

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Speak the truth

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drives sputtering shit mobile with 30 kids packed inside into 40 potholes

gets home, throws all trash into front yard

bags toiled paper shit, throws in front yard

blasts shitty polka at 3am. Neighebours get robbed


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A few years ago, I would have agreed. Now I'm seeing most of them with nice, brand new SUVs instead of shitmobiles. Their access to taxpayer money must have gotten easier.

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