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Can confirm. Does suck.

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Are you sure it will for everyone though?

We're not close. I consider him the anti-example of how to be a man.

He taught me absolutely nothing about life or integrity. He's the worst type of boomer you could ever imagine. Such a fat nihilist, hedonist. Broke up our family for some infamous gold digger that dumped him a month later when she figured out he wasn't rich. Believes in absolutely nothing but his own pleasures. Can't be too sure of anything you're trying to express or explain to him or he'll dismiss it entirely and will consider you a tool for being so confident, even if he has zero information on the topic.

At the worst time of his life a few years ago he seemingly turned to the church and claimed he was religious, but after my grandma died and left him money, he was happy again and straight up said 'I don't need God anymore. It helped me through a time but I'm past it'. Maybe that doesn't enrage you....but to me, that is the most egotistical thing I'd ever heard, that god is something that doesn't exist except when my life is ruined and nobody is being sympathetic, but as soon as I have money I can just leave that shit in the dust.

My fucking dad recently said, when he found out I'd be in her area, that ''maybe you'd want to stop by and say hi to her" referring to the woman he cheated on my mom with, which shattered our family. I'd never even spoken to this person and why would I ever want to?😖

And the latest cherry on top of my valuation of my Dad was just about a month ago when introducing his new impulse wife. We we were having some drinks at a bar and just when I was feeling sort of comfortable with her and we were laughing, the exact moment I was thinking 'my dad is not a bad guy and his wife is not bad either' he says at full volume, "hey show him your tits".

In all the years I've been repulsed by my dad I never felt such disgust for his character. I wanted to vomit.

I'm sorry but I don't think I'm going to miss that piece of shit, but I guess I'll find out soon after he has his 4th heart attack. His alll meat all day diet is over due to kill him.

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And how much of that will improve when hes dead? At least if he is alive you get the chance to either repeatedly kick him in the nuts or make some peace.

And how do you know he doesnt regret shit that hes done? Blokes arent allowed to talk about that shit.

Mine rode his pushbike to work one day as he had done for a couple of years, had his first heart attack, and didnt get a chance for another one.

I was a cunt to my dad. Never got a chance to fix it. Missed out on a lot. Still need him now.

Every life is different. All deaths are the same.

Will confirm again. Does suck.

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Your attitude is the one that's going to work for you when he kicks it. You might momentarily regret that he can't come back and say "Oops Sorry". He wasn't going to. But don't give into the brain washing effects of other people expecting you to actually feel bad. It sounds like has no claim on your emotions and doesn't intend to have a claim on your emotions anyway. Enjoy your peace of mind about it.

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Dome dads are dicks that bail on their kids. Nothing lost there.

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Imaginary friends DONT exist, having said that your father sounds like a pile of fail.

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Fuck off, my dad was a cuck that never taught me anything.

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My father is in his mid seventies and been having heart problems that last year. From one year to the next he's gone from hard old bastard to old man, it sucks watching it. Seeing him slowly climb the stairs in my home a few weeks ago is when I really noticed it. Call your dad.

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My dad is an asshole who didn't teach me anything. He was too busy pissing away his life by watching TV all the fucking time and being generally unproductive. He ditched our family when I was 6 years old and barely supported me or helped with anything. Thanks dad.

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I try, but its hard.. He is such a narcicistic prick.

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Then don't, let him rot

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Not my dad, he was worthless shit who didn't teach me anything valuable in life. He was around when I was growing up and everything of any value that I know I had to learn somewhere other than him.

Just to give you an idea of how worthless he was, when I told him I was getting bullied in school he told me to tell a teacher and that they will solve the problem. He is such an utterly worthless pile of shit.

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conversely: never underappreciate your child, they'll feel your immense failure once they're grown

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And this square is from my butt, enjoy son.

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