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Very interesting that the east, the areas furthest from the rest of the wealthy welfare states, and the area with the least financial backing after WW2, has relatively very little muslim infestation.

It's almost like these parasites are attracted to the money.

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The places that were behind the iron curtain have a closer connection to thier identity and are less hospitable to mass immigration. Poland and Hungary have shown the most resistance to the EU's plans, it would make sense that east Germans would feel the same

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But where was Frau Merkel from?

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Since the reunification of Germany in the early 90s, the western Germany is pumping money into the east of Germany to this day. And depending on the area where you live, the east is even richer, thanks to the »Solidarbeitrag«. So my guess it is the same reason why there are far less muslims in Poland and other eastern European countries, than in the rest of Europe.

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East Germans have to pay the "Solidarbeitrag", too. At this point it isn't even used for the East anymore.

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I feel bad for the native people that didn't vote for the liberal politicians, that didn't pay for the suicidal bullshit on cable, that didn't vote all their rights away but let's be honest: There were a lot of self defeating dumbasses involved here. I feel bad for the half that probably wasn't involved and/or fought against but it but the reality is that there are many, soooo many of these women getting EXACTLY what they asked for. If you are a feminist in Germany , the UK, Sweden and you ignore the mass rapes, hundreds of acid attacks, the child trafficking, etc. to focus on men buying robot sex dolls or perceived "microaggressions" from white males then FUCK YOU. You are human beings not needed in any ethnic group. You are destructive to your own race, country and yourself. For all the children, legitimately innocent people who did not or no longer take part in this process: I feel awful for them. I also realize there is a lot of manufactured consent at play here by the media but I can assure you there are plenty of left wing, self hating, murderous absolutely evil, everyday people here. If the mass rapes every New Year's or every big national holiday haven't woken you up yet then there is no hope for you as a human being and you have lost the ability to be self aware on any meaningful level and you have been robbed of your basic survival instinct.

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That's just sad. I wish there was a place just for white people where everyone else is excluded. Like Israel but without the pedophiles.

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There is. It's called Idaho, Montana, the Dakota's, Wyoming, West Virginia and Vermont. Do your demographics research before you move, because the difference between 100% White smaller towns and 95% White bigger cities might be a tough choice depending on what you enjoy doing for work and if you care how fast the internet is.

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Oh yeah you just have to live in a shitty house in the middle of nowhere, 2 hours from the nearest grocery store, where you have to truck your water supply in in the summer. And -70 degree windchills in January. Nothing to do all day and night.


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Almost any middle eastern country is pretty much an ethno-state. South Africa too. Rules for thee but not for mee.

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Western germans are now so reassured that they can't no longer be accused of 'racism'. That's the case, but at what cost? And their demise is only in an initial phase.

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Jesus Christ

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Why do so many Voaters celebrate the destruction of white countries? Oh Germany is soo cucked, bla bla bla. No, Germany was controlled by Jews and lied to by their kike media just like they tried to here in the USA.

Why do you laugh at them? I feel sorry for them, I want to help them fight the Jews and sand Niggers taking over their country.

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Because they have been doing this to themselves long enough to defeat the benefit of all doubt. They are an enemy state in the heart of Europe, propped up by the EU, and fighting against neighbouring nations to cause equal harm to others.

They just had an election, before that it was already way too extreme to have seen it any other way.

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If you investigate Germany's history after WW2, you will discover that Germany hasn't been an independent nation since Hitler. They were broken up and the splinter-states governed as US or Soviet protectorates, which have never really emerged from under foreign control by various actors. Who do you think wrote their constitution?

Other EU countries don't have the same excuse to the same degree, but it is hard to overemphasize the footprint and control exerted by the US and "globalist" powers throughout Western Europe over the past 70 years or so, primarily via covert political manipulation, crypto control of all media, and control of the global financial system aka the US "petrodollar".

Nearly every Western nation's banking system is modeled off of the US "Federal" Reserve bank - a private fiat-banking scheme dreamed up and controlled by "globalists" for the past 100 years.

Are US citizens similarly "doing it to themselves" regarding 50 million illegal immigrants from Latin America over the past 50 years? I guess the argument can be made, since half the voters select open-border candidates, and the other half select fake "law and order" candidates who claim they want to close the border but instead protect their crony capitalist constituency's desire for cheap labor.

But the truth is somewhere in between: a high percentage of the citizenry in EVERY Western nation wants to stop mass immigration by non-assimilating, non-European groups. However our political apparatus has been co-opted across the board for generations, and the globalists' brainwashing and propaganda have been ingested by generations of youth, and now are unquestioned doctrine at every level of public academia.

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I still disagree with the idea of “disowning” them entirely. Germany gave us Hitler, they showed the world what’s possible. To root for their destruction makes you no better than the kikes doing the same while they count their sheckles. You may as well become Jewish, you love the same shit. Destroying white countries and rooting for more destruction.

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Notice how it is mostly Western Germany.

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That is interesting

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East Germany is the poorest part of the country (thanks Soviet Union). Nobody wants to immigrate to that part of the country.

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Wow. I guess the Eastern commies were keeping them out and the Western commies were inviting them in.

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I think the Eastern commies are at a more advanced stage of communism, which is that they already lived through it.

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