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My cousins have an actual Nazi flag. They used it to get their friends to find the right apt. Hung it in the window. Downtown Chicago lol.

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pics or it didnt happen

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Google 5 reichsmark coin ring.. I wear one myself, they sell for about $70 US..

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Are the 1935 the only ones with an easily visible windmill of peace?

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Those are the potsdam church ones, I have one of the Paul von Hindenburg ones..

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I want the one with the swazi on one side and the jew star on the other. Just to show normies that there were things going on that are never talked about.

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I've got a Jewish star coin except it's wreathed by the words "United States of America 1852"

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Ha! That’s a good’n

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It is hilarious how much they ask for them in non-numismatic shops. That particular year in the condition it appears to be in is easy to find for $15-30 depending on mintmark (I think the D is an outlier and can run $40-50 at times). I see them wanting $50-100 for any mintmark sometimes.

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Thousands? Doubtful. I have a '42 Reich pfennig, arguably a less desirable year, but still it was only $2.39 USD.

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No. Hitler was a dumb cunt, not only did he flood kikes with money so they could poorly invade Moslem coastal bastards ("Palestinians ") but he also fucking LOVED Moslems, Nigs. He even let those subhuman bastards in the Wehrmacht, surely you have all seen the videos of an Arab/Turkroach mischling lead a Moslem prayer?

Hitler was the ultimate kike. Plying actual kikes with money to invade Arab bastards, whilst hoovering up Arab scum for his army. I hope he died in paid for destroying Europe.

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Aw man, I thought maybe it was one of those fancy new quarters.

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