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I can't find it, but there was an old video somewhere where feminists asked these woman what they would do when the war was over. The triggering was devastatingly beautiful when they almost all answered to the tune of "be a stay-at-home mother".

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A feminist is a woman trying to become a man.

Women enjoyed being women before feminists started whispering in their ear: "you can have it all."

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"with none of the cost"

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That's impossible, they just didn't care about their children.

(societal screeching)

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I looked everywhere, it probably got deleted. It was these feminists who went to Serbia or somewhere and was talking to a group of QT 3.14s with AKs.

But I ain't talking to you. You fucked up Star Wars and deserve a cunt punt.

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As dirty unwashed soldiers they are still way more attractive than all western feminists.

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Kurdish is an ethnicity. Many Kurds are Sunni Muslims (That's the kind of Muslim ISIS is).

The Kurds aren't and weren't fighting oppression. They were/are ethnically cleansing what is to become Kurdistan.

This is also why there are Syrian refugees. It's because they're being ethnically cleansed from what is to become Kurdistan. An area that covers parts of Syria, Iraq, Turkey, and Iran.

This ethnic cleansing was the main reason why the western world opened up its borders (which of course led to people from other countries pouring in).

The creation of Kurdistan was one of the main reasons for the lies resulting in the war with Iraq, the lies that were made up to start a civil war in Syria, all the weird shit happening in Turkey, and the coming war with Iran.

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The Kurds are a bunch of damn reds! Assyrians are the real good people and the Kurds threw them under the bus!

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Most of the Kurds fighting now are part of a communist shitbag cult. Sadly, the Internet doesn't know this.

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the american obeast can't even make 1 mile in under 1 hour how do you expect them to pick up guns and actually fight?

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If they're fighting actual oppression then they're not really feminists

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This is real womans

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