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"Half of this thing is all that's left of my daughter; half is the ape that murdered her."

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That pic with the ww2 vet and his two negro grand kids.... i'd fucking kill myself if i fought a war to come back to watch my daughters have fucking obviously inferior babies and therefore securing a worse future for the whole of the race and nation

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Imagine living this long(maybe surviving a war) and then see all your genes thrown in the mud

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"Maybe I could pretend to stroke out and drop this thing."

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I think that is Rick Wilson, a viruently rabid Never Trumper.


Lol at the Redskins logo on the baby's bib though.

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That smiling because he has to look....

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See gramps that what you fought for at the beaches on Frnace or storming Okinawa.

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Some has paid the toll.

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