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Pppsshhh, everyone here knows that the REAL victims of war are the women. Duh

Thank you Hillary

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No. Fuck Jewish tricks.

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I see what you did there.

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450,900 times worse than her deplorable comment.

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I think you meant pppsshhh

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When I see a photo like this, I try to imagine that young man's last moments. It really puts life into perspective.

I imagine this poor kid was shot in the face or torso. He breathed his last breaths face down in the mud, probably hoping his buddies would help him- but they couldn't, and they left him behind. And he died there, alone.


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Hey man, you done with those boots?

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Fuck it. The only good commie is a dead one. Probably froze to death.

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Hell, he couldve been a farm boy from the ukraine forced to fight by commies

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Am I missing something? How do we know this wasn't a US soldier buried in a POW camp?

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I think at least few divisions of them died in Finnish winter. Pretty fucking ironic fate after surviving holodomor.

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Feminists don't believe in privilege. They believe in entitlements.

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Does it still work ?

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It was a communist so did it ever?

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To be fair, military hardware was one thing the commies did do pretty well. With so much of their budget spent on it, they generally made sure it worked.

But goods for the common man? Fuck 'em.

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No. Not an AK.

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The drum magazines were retardedly unreliable and didn't really work when loaded fully to their proper capacity so it probably hardly even worked new.

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...isn't that an assault weapon next to him? with a large capacity clipgazine and things that go up in the back? typical toxic masculinity....

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It has wooden stock so it can't be assault weapon. It's military grade weapon though...

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it was not privilege, but holy right to expel the "brown" enemy from our home. Soviet - yes! (russian,ukrainian,yakut,georgian,kirgiz,armenian or others nationalities, then it was not inpotent) Communist - not necessarily. RIP

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