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Your mom was hot.

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Back when America was for Americans. Glorious times.

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These degenerates fucked around and ignored the sacred truths. Freedom isn't free, it comes at the highest of costs, the cost of blood and eternal vigilance.

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Thats fuckin metal

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Yeah back when these shit stain baby boomers raided the coffers dry and left us with nothing but a bunch of spics and globalist kikes. Look at that putrid boomer scum.

Edit: Boomer tears below.

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Another crybaby millennial who wants to blame somebody for his life. Look around shithead. How many boomers you see living the high life?

You think they wanted this? Hell they used to destroy Japanese cars when people bought them. The debt? Boomers never went for that. The last time the Republicans actually tried to hold back the debt was in 1980. After that Reagan brought his supply side shit in courtesy of the think tanks and that was all she wrote. Social Security? They raised taxes on that in the 80s too. Was supposed to solve it all.

You don't know what the fuck you're talking about, but that's OK cause you're a pussified millennial who will lie there and piss himself and cry instead of getting up and doing something about it. I see you fuckers doing this shit all the time.

I don't get it. If you're pissed off that ought to give you energy to fight. But apparently not. You're like beaten, broken dogs who slink around waiting to be hit again.

It's not your fault though. You were raised that way. I guess you might have boomer parents, so we can blame them for that. Or maybe they did it to you in the schools. You should of dropped out, but I guess you guys were too domesticated to do that.

Fuck, I'm glad I wasn't part of your loser generation. I had it hard growing up, but that was good. It made me hard, tough, and strong. I never laid down and cried and blamed somebody else for my problems, because I knew it wouldn't do any good. Nobody listens and even if they do, what are you gonna get from them? Somebody to cry with you?

Sorry you were made soft and weak. I really am. But I guess that's what you got from the genetic rodeo.

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They (((were controlled))) into doing things against their best interest. So are they to blame? yes, but they can't take all the blame.

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Yeah back when these shit stain baby boomers raided the coffers dry and left us with nothing but a bunch of spics and globalist kikes. Look at that putrid boomer scum.

You forgot niggers and muslims. We left you with lots of niggers and muslims. And we gave them all attitudes too. Have fun with the Wakandans and the kebabs. Every time you have a problem because of them remember, blame a boomer and feeeeeeeel good.

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You need to see a doctor. Your stereotyping is stupid. You must be a dead beat nigger.

Edit for the reading impaired: The user name is DeadBeatNigger.

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1985: Replace the car with a Honda
1995: Replace the clothes with skinny jeans and a flannel
2005: Replace the woman with a land whale
2015: Replace the land whale with a pierced & tattooed tranny
2025: God willing, same as 1975

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2025: God willing, same as 1975

Here you go.

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I like your confidence! Let's make it happen!

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Do it!

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I'd also add that it was about this time that the Democratic party abandoned the White, Christian, working class and which has allowed them to continually brand the Republicans (and Libertarians) as "racists" for daring not to follow suit. It's been downhill ever since. It will take twice as long or more to reverse the damage these suicidal lefty cultists have wrought on America, but I've never been more hopeful of the tide turning back in our favor as I do now.

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That top was Scandalous for the time.

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I like the round headlights.

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fuck the past 30 years i wanna go back

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To 1988?

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They sure don't make 'em like they used to.

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Idk man, women are still pretty attractive. Less blurry these days too.

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I prefer them blurry, but I'll settle for jpeg compression in a pinch.

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