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Cyclops, if I'm not mistaken.

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I was thinking Teahupoo due to the curve but i'm not as familiar with Cyclops. Edit: doubting, I just noticed the guy on the ski is in a full wetsuit. No way is that Fiji.

[–] MaFishTacosDaBombBro 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

God bless, look at that wave. The dark green luscious color makes it look like you could fall asleep inside of it. It's a world within a world.

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That's a guy posing on a seadoo about to slingshot a female surfer into one of those waves... Holy fuck...

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Assuming it is no Jew miracles (photoshop), I git that man credit.

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Not really in front of, more of On top. Impressive as Fuck. I'm jealous.

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fook that

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No shopping involved in this post :/

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You gotta have some big pagonia's to do shit like that. I was unfortunately cursed with that "thrill seeker" gene. Even though I dislike big ass sharks, that wave looks very tasty

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Looks like some pretty cold water... Somehow I doubt you'd be worried about sharks killing you.