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On one hand I applaud this guy for trying to reform his own religion and making it known what kind of a backwards religion Islam really is.

On the other hand I find him a complete idiot for not forsaking said religion and instead opting for an impossible fight.

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It's called reformation and he needs help

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Not everything can be reformed. To sufficiently reform Islam, they would have to give up so much of what it preaches as absolutely truth that they would have nothing left.

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I was born in an Islamic family. Leaving the religion is difficult especially if you are an imam that sells said religion to gullible fools for a living.

Islam is a cancer and a dangerous one at that.

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Agree 100%. Islam is inherently a violent and oppressive religion. No amount of reform will make it otherwise.

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If the reformers abandon it then it can never be reformed.

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Imam "Based" Tahwidi

Need more of these dudes.

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Fat pig-nosed bitches like that are a plague on society. Irony is a Muslim would never fuck a pig too bad she doesn’t look like a goat.

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This is the only Muslim that makes sense. And he is a smart ass. He is going to get exploded sooner than later in an explosion of peace.

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Came here to say "Imam of Pieces" if he doesn't stop trash-talking Mo and the Meccans.

Random thought: That's a damned good band name.

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That is a good band name.

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He's doing this to pave the way for Westerners to convert to Shia Islam.

Shia clerics are often very intelligent people. They come from better genetic stock than your typical inbred Sunni cleric, being Persians, Arabized Phoenicians, etc. The Ayatollah had his clerics reading Plato.

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Shia aren't terrorists, and Persians, no matter what anyone says, aren't inferior. Also, on a side note, a lot of Lebanese Christians are also white Europeans left over from the crusades, despite the retarded view westerners have of Lebanon as being some brown cesspit. If people knew the difference between Shia and Sunni, we could finally unite against Saudi Arabia, but dumb boomer hicks think Iran did 9/11 and that all Muslims wanna kill all Christians despite the Shia doing everything they can to make sure Christians of the middle East aren't wiped out.

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Agreed. Sorry if my post wasn't totally clear.

I have a lot of respect for Persians and Lebanese. Hezbollah is an amazing organization that sends Zionists and Salafists to hell and looks out for Christians. It really does irk me to hear the media talk about them like they're terrorists training suicide bombers and not a respectable paramilitary group and political movement.

If people knew the difference between Shia and Sunni, we could finally unite against Saudi Arabia

Sadly, being able to cite some differences between Shias and Sunnis and Persians and Arabs puts one in the top 5% most knowledgable segment of the U.S. population.

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On a phone so I can't find the original now... original has two more lines of convo.. way funnier than this cropped piece of shit

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The girl goes in extreme mental gymnastics, whoever cropped this one should unironically kill himself.

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Probably a troll account.

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No. He's legit. He's an imam in Oz. Gets lots of death threats from muzzies for his reform efforts

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Good to know, but I'm sure you understand my incredulousness.

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It's Imamov. A well known Russian bot.

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