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Holy shit can we verify this somehow because this is amazing

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I found his twitter feed.


Yeah, he's 14. Got Yu-Gi-Oh references and everything. I can't find that particular tweet, though. But the rest of his feed is pretty much on par with the OP.

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Supposedly he's one of the students from Douglas High, but of course he didn't get "verified", well for obvious fucking reasons.

He's got pics of himself up: https://twitter.com/TheCaptainAidan/status/968650360024944641?s=19

Edit: Also, he's deleted quite a few tweets, gotta get 'em while they're hot. His latest few were blasting Sheriff Israel and people fucking with FedEx.

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I found this as well.


Yep. He's a student there.

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i just went through his twitter and never saw that tweet

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I can't verify it either, and people suck at archiving.


There's some tweets on there not showing up in his tweets and replies, but not the one from the pic.

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Hopefully David goes the way of Campos and just falls off the face of the Earth.

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Funny how one of my friends can rant endlessly about David Hogg not being a crisis actor, but the second I say "Wow, one of these other kids from the school is pissed about this whole thing, and a bunch of the other students are saying CNN is using them for a narrative." the conversation immediately become "I don't care, I'm so done with all of this."

It's like people don't care about the truth, they just want the convenient lie.

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They just want to find the bits that fit in with how they already think and fuck the rest of it

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It's like people don't care about the truth, they just want the convenient lie.

It's faster to digest and easier to sleep on.

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You can't argue against their feelings. You simply can't. The best you can do is bring up facts and stay calm. They will immediately lose their shit because they argue via appeal to emotion. But you keep it together and don't lower yourself to their infantile level. Red pill when you can and eventually it may get through.

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I try. Part of the reason I get dismissed is because it's pretty well known that I'm pragmatic, which often gets dismissed as being unfeeling. Still, it's not unwelcome advice.

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You're right, some people prefer the lies. I tried to redpill my mum about the holocaust and she looked at me with absolute horror as if someone had killed her firstborn child. She told me that what I was saying was scary but what scared her the most was that I was probably right and she didn't want to know.

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I successfully red pilled my mom on the holocaust.

We were talking about the election, and how the entire media was coordinating to spread lies about Trump, and how she couldn't trust the news anymore.

"They've been lying to us a lot longer than that..."

  • no evidence of gas chambers

  • fake chimney at Auschwitz

  • extra, non-working ovens put into Krema 1 for dramatic effect

  • not enough coke - refined coal or petroleum to cremate millions of bodies

  • fake ashes memorial at Majdanek

  • with the adjusted "official" numbers of "death camp" victims, only 2.5-3 million people were killed, but the official number is still "muh 6 gorillion"

  • speaking of the 6 million, which 6 million? They've been crying about 6 million Jews being holocausted at least twice before the Nazis holocausted them

Then I went into them lying about the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the events leading up to the Iran/Iraq contras, Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and all the bullshit wars we've been in for the past 60 years where the people were lied to and the truth is out there, easy to find, but no, this time, this time our government and the MSM isn't lying to us. This time they're telling us the truth.

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Savage. Beautiful and savage.

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SUPPORT THESE KIDS. In any way you can. Tell them they are right and they should not bow down nor accept any guilt from anyone for others actions ever. They should. Stand up for themselves.

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Call me a Jewfag all day but that account is not recently (I checked 2 screens worth and it's obvious) moderated by a 14 year old. No. I dunno wtf with this kid or Hogg but this Twitter account isn't 14 and posting without heavy influence.

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Jewfag, all day.

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You must be one of those jewfags, all-day-buts, i have been hearing about.

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It's one of those things that I can't be 100% on. He's tweeted pictures of himself with student ID

But you and others are right about the account being.... too mature? maybe? for a 14 year old. He might just have someone helping him speak his mind and get his point across.

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I would say my 14 (now 16) was at this level. When you have kids that are strong in critical thinking to a point that they can redpill themselves then usually this intelligence shows in other ways.

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Couldn't find this specific tweet but it's in line with the rest of his content and the account seems pretty legitimate. Might have deleted the tweet under pressure?

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Implying Hogg was a schoolmate or a teenager

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Implying he wasn't a student. Said glad my friends and teacher not our friends and teacher.

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implying anyone died

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Instead of mourning your dead friends and teacher you are posting shit on Twitter.

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