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Nothing odd at all guys!.. And pay no attention to the videos of him rehearsing his scripted lines over and over.. Just let it all go down the memory hole and just believe the official narrative like a good goy and give up all your guns..

Definitely don't keep spreading these suspicious pictures and videos every where! You wouldn't want the MSM to be in a nervous position where they can't explain them selves, would you?..

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Link to videos?

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CBS reporter Caroline West posted a photo of the cheerful and happy school shooting survivers, who just happened to lose a lot of their friends. She later deleted it.

Here ist the archived tweet: https://archive.is/J9PAS

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"We are going to be so loud and so brazen!" Ahhh, the go to nigger way of dealing with polite society. Wave their arms, toss chairs around, climb onto things and scream at the top of their lungs while looking for things to steal or destroy in the process. I.E., The Chimp Out. Classic mob violence and intimidation tactics. "Millennials, we are so lit and woke!" No you are spoiled children that have abandoned civilization and embraced domestic terrorism, elitism and mob rule.

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The hero we didn't deserve. Thanks brah.

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that face you make when you finally landed an acting gig

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This whole things stinks. These kids don't even seem like they've experienced tragedy. They're too charismatic, too energetic, and there are no signs of any stress for two people who just watched their classmate's heads get blown off. Not to mention how quickly things like CNN's 2 Minutes of Hate and this mass protest in March have come together.

And the entire focus is on the Big Black Scary Rifle, not the incompetent Sheriff's department or FBI.

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Would you mind posting that proof?

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The same bizarre jewish behavior at Sandy Hoax

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Hahahaha! KEK

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does anyone notice that the woman on the right is Michelle Obama

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Michelle Obama


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