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It's real, but you're not really looking at the atom in the usual sense. They are illuminating it with violet-blue light, which is the visible wavelength that couples well with that atom's size. When that happens, the atom absorbs the light and its electrons enter a higher energy state. Since that can't last, they release that energy when they fall back to their "usual" state, which is the blue light we see.

So, not quite like light reflecting off of an apple. But I guess this really is "seeing" an atom.

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not quite like light reflecting off of an apple


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When light reflects off an apple it interacts with the apple's surface- you've got specular reflection, scattered reflection, and absorption.

So the strontium atom isn't quite like that in this experiment. But the experiment is close enough that, by my standard at least, I'd say that the atom "has color".

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Eh, it's about as good as we can get to actually seeing an atom. closeenough.jpg

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