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Yeah...that looks like someone who may struggle to do a good job at raising a child. I feel bad for all these young twentysomethings who are sure they'll never want a kid and sterilize themselves. Odds are good that, one day, they will come to deeply regret that choice but there may not be anything they can do about it. Tying your tubes increases your chances of having an ectopic pregnancy as well - really not a great long-term plan.

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I was tryin to talk a dude out of it. Dude you’re 23 why don’t you just wear a condom ya jackass.

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Men desperately need more birth control options. Women have so many and you guys need more choices than either abstinence, condoms, or a surgery that may or may not be reversible.

I hope you can talk the guy out of it! I think a lot of people have been absolutely duped by leftism into thinking that kids are the worst burden in the world and that parenthood will shit on their dreams and ruin women's bodies and blah blah blah. So many of the reasons I see for being "childfree" are baseless scare tactics that make me want to scream in frustration. Leftism is mind poison, and people often wake up from it once the passion of their youthful immaturity dies down and they grow up a bit more, and maybe by then they have made enough bad choices that their lives will never be the same.

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tell him to research RISUG.

the parsemus foundation is very close to offering a ten year non hormonal 100% ish effective method for men.

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Damn, this is actually a good news.

We don't need undesirable genes propagating themselves and be a burden for future societies.

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That’s me. Vasectomy at 25 without any kids certain that I wouldn’t want them. Early 30’s now and I’m pretty sure I will. Thank God it’s about a 92-98% success rate to achieve pregnancy on a reversal. Just have to do it before like 37. I regret it though...but I’m glad I didn’t have any unwanted kids because I was certainly a bit premiscuois.

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Sperm can be surgically retrieved from the testicles even after failed reversal.

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With those odds with that lifestyle, against crazy bitches, that likely sounds like the best bet. Haha and a great excuse to try like rabbits until it finally works

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Haha that stupid screed...one of the most baseless things I've ever seen. Blaming single moms is bullshit - the fault lies as much with the man who impregnated her and then buggered off like a little bitch because he was too weak and pathetic to take responsibility for the consequences of his choices. What else should these women do - have abortions? Would that be a better choice? No, whoever wrote that garbage wasn't fully engaging his brain when he did it.

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Anyone who thinks that lipstick colour is attractive should probably be sterilised.

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Okay, but then we’ll miss out on blue lips master race and that would be a shame, so I’ll volunteer as tribute because that tranny has some massive okay tits

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"massive okay tits"

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As soon as I see the tats, hair and other oddities, I know they are mentally ill and not be trusted with anything.

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Well. Okay then.

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28 I don't want kids, but I'm not going to chop my balls off to achieve it

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Darwin award?

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Im fine with this actually. Keep up the good work.

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