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Yeah, that's 2.5 seconds before he ripped her face apart

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maybe. I had a huge raccoon that used to visit me in the backyard. He'd come up and sit on my knee while I handed him grapes. The little fat bastard looked like he weighed 50 lbs, so I was probably not the only person feeding him. Very friendly guy.

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Reminds me of the story about a freaking cat that started to befriend me a couple of years ago

And one day the hairy bastard scratched my hand for no apparent reason

From that point I started to throw rocks at him every time I had the chance

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Sniffing the mouth. It knows what you've had to eat or that you haven't. I think it's the 'how's the weather' of the animal world. Humans of course eat all the great stuff so everything is curious wtf the apex predator is devouring now. Canines have been playing sidekick with us on many hunts so playing up to us always pays off.

She'll have a treat for him I'm sure. If this isn't a photoshop as someone asked. lol

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Rabies smooches, pucker up buttercup

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One day she’ll be raped by a pack of sand niggers and the police will arrest people who are publicly mad about it

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She's just thinking about a new matching hat for her winter wardrobe.

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Very foxy.

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That's not a kiss, the fox smells food...but I think it's fake.

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