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White people.

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Dey stole dat telescope from wakanda

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This observatory does tell a sad story, in this regard.

It's the Detroit observatory, and from 1852 in white Detroit it was a forefront of University discipline, academia and groundbreaking result. Now as the years go by, as black turns to white the city crumbles, right through until 1954 when the residence was torn down, through the 1960s equipment was moved out and and the observatory became essentially abandoned and in complete disrepair. From the 1970s onwards plans were drawn time after time to demolish the site.

It is being preserved by a few whites, who knows how long this will last.

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Did they use photographic plates during that time or did they still have an eyepiece to look through?

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I can find references to the reticle and photographic plate holder, not uncommon at that time, in the year 1912 and at that specific observatory.

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Both; photographic plates were being used at this time, eyepieces however still played a major role. This particular observatory (Detroit lol / University of Michigan) I can't properly describe the photographic imaging history and methodology, however I do know that there was an extension to the building in 1909 which included the construction of a photographic room, 3 years before the OP picture. Spectrographs were used in the observatory's research, I'm not sure when they were first used.

Eyepieces were definitely used before and after 1912. Research done includes the discovery of 22 asteroids, Comet Schaeberle II and Schaeberle IV, studies and construction of various lunar tables. The baboons running around in Detroit today wanted this historical 1852 building and frontier of astronomical research demolished, however it will be preserved.

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Do we have any photos of what the sky looked like through a telescope like that or of that time?

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we need a vs now photo

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Very cool!

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I bet @Owlchemy would like this.

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Yup! Cool! (And even before my time - LOL)

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Obviously Fake! Everyone knows that niggers invented the telescope centuries ago..

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