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The bridge was fixed by a white guy, Ken Frantz.

In March 2001, Bridges to Prosperity (B2P) founder, Ken Frantz, saw a photo in National Geographic Magazine that moved him to action and inspired the formation of B2P.

The image showed men dangling precariously, using ropes to pull each other across a wide, high and broken bridge span over a portion of the Blue Nile River in Ethiopia. Ken soon discovered that his brother, Forrest Frantz, had seen the photo and had the same thought: “what I want to do is repair that bridge.”

Within three months, Ken, who owned a construction company, donated time, money and materials, and enlisted eager family members, friends and his Rotary club to support the inaugural B2P project. This first project, Sebara Dildi, repaired the bridge crossing along the Blue Nile in Ethiopia and represents a vision that continues to inspire a new generation of bridge builders today.


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White people are way too nice.

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We are until you pick a war with us, then we fight you annihilation.

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After the bridge was repaired Ken Frantz's head was cracked open and checked for gold by the locals.

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And other tribes perceive that as a weakness and therefore ripe target for exploitation and genocide.

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The White Man's Burden

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Should have let them figure it out on their own, Ken.

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My good sir how would you create dependency if we let that happen?

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Weird they don't show a picture of the fixed bridge.

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I gather the niggers already destroyed it from neglect and misuse.

It's funny because it is most probably true, and if it isn't true yet, it will be soon enough.

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Then people might find out it took a white guy to actually get it done though

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The real Wakanda

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Dude. What happened? This is the country that built Debre Damo and Lalibela. I want to believe that Ethiopians have it somewhere in their brains to get back to the awesome architecture they used to make, but have they just bred out the working genetics of a bygone era? Did communism fuck their country up as bad as it did everywhere else it was introduced? Up until the 60s, Ethiopia was doing alright and then communism gets introduced and after thousands of years they turn into niggers over night. I genuinely believe Marxism played a major role in their dumbing down, because Ethiopia was always so much further ahead of most African countries in terms of capabilities. I mean for fuck sake, Lalibela is amazing, beautiful and wasn't easy to make, but here we see the world's dumbest niggers just not even having the ability to fathom laying some chopped down trees across what is a ready made foundation. I mean fuck, the hard part is done! Get your heads out of your fucking asses.

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Probably something similar to white flight, all the smartest and most skilled moved away. Maybe to a different country for better opportunities. After the 60's is around the time things really started changing I guess because all the babies after world war II were finally beginning to become adults. Which helped open up opportunities around the world.

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Anything not built by whites was built by the arabs who were there. Blacks built literally nothing.

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This is the country that built Debre Damo and Lalibela.

Doubt it.

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What would they say if we called them retards for this?

Cuhz this is clearly retarded.

The Chinese in the Himalayas could create a safer route than this in a higher altitude with no ducking material, and this nigguhs use ropes and climb on it with the reassurance of other nigguhs holding it while crossing. Wtf.

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I can see a replacement for the "rope holder" job right behind the people on the right... (the tree)

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Because the Chinese are the more evolved species.

Can we stop comparing different species please?

You can't expect your chihuahua to howl like wolf can you?

It's fucking insane how we classify gorillas, apes, chimps, bonobos, etc as different species and claim that the very genetically divergent people as a single species. It's unfair for the lesser evolved species because we expect them to behave like the more evolved species. It creates social resentment because you can't expect different species to be proportionally represented in the academia and shit.

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The Chinese in the Himalayas could create a safer route than this in a higher altitude with no ducking material

the Chinese also have the benefit of a 30+ IQ gap between them and the niggers.

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Even these Africans could build a vine bridge https://youtu.be/iTKVTNuFeNk

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You don't even have to know anything about engineering to fix this bridge. Whoever built it has already done all the work for you.

All you need to do is just look at the other sections and recreate the missing sections to match the others. You don't need to worry about it standing or not, because if the design was bad, them the other sections wouldn't still be standing.

You don't even need to worry about material selection. Just use the same stone as the rest of the bridge. The quarry that it came from is probably still there, like a mile away or something.


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They lack the intelligence and work ethic to invent and apply the cement.

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uhh, the stones are probably still there, just in the water, where they fell when it collapsed.

they just need to learn how to scaffold and mortar.

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They'd probably and should use brand new stones. The stones in the water are probably eroded from time, and they're also probably more brittle due to the explosion. Though perhaps all the brittle parts already broke off long ago via erosion. The stones all need to fit in a certain way to help support the other parts of the bridge. Can't just slap mortar to fill in the missing gaps.

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How hard would it be to make something like this? I don't imagine that this would take any longer than 1-3 days.Fucking niggers.

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that requires planning. think like a nigger. you have a rope and you have to cross a river. that is literally it. there is no concept that later on that same fucking day, you will once again be faced with the rope-bridge-river dilemma, and that you might be able to develop a more permanent solution if you didn't always choose the most immediately available one

White privilege (literally and historically) is planning, logistics and infrastructure.

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Blacks in west Africa build vine bridges all the time. So even by nig standards these are pretty dumb niggers https://youtu.be/y2mvB8jIwGg https://youtu.be/iTKVTNuFeNk

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Ok man, we get it. You love west Africans.

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This innovation forced God to give West Africa ebola.

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You think they're smart enough to do something like that?

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Rope bridges are incredibly easy to make once you have the materials. You set up a couple of poles on either side that are as wide apart as the slats are long, put a couple of holes on either side of the slats, feed the rope through and tie it off on the other end. You then put another rope above on either side and tie the bridge to it. If you want to get really fancy you can even zigzag a rope underneath to spread the weight out even more and give it far greater stability.

It's so fucking basic that niggers should be utterly ashamed of themselves for never once coming up with the idea of a bridge let alone one as basic as that.

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I can just imagine that they initially tried fixating the rope somewhere, but did a shit job of it and someone died, leading to them holding the rope instead. First with only two guys, leading to a lethal accident again.

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You are probably correct. :L


No significant repairs were undertaken afterwards, temporary crossing was on wooden logs and beams or by ropes.

I imagine plenty of accidents were had.

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Wonder who gave them a rope

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This is the perfect picture representation of Blacks compared to Europeans. Even when the idea, infrastructure and material is right in front of them, they literally cannot even begin to comprehend the superiority of European genetics and culture to their own. "Buh Buh but, culture is not determined by genetics". Oh yes, yes it is.

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Europe in 100 years?

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