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I have a feeling this is not only about smoking.

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If you realllly want to stop smoking, its the easiest thing ever, just don't buy them, don't put them in your mouth, don't light em and don't smoke them, boom you've stopped smoking. This only works if you really really want to stop.

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This only works if you really really want to stop.

This is the only way to change a behavior. You have to want the change more than the behavior. Ask anyone who's helped a druggie/alco try to get clean. It doesn't work until they do it themselves, or OD. Same thing goes for smoking, over eating, being lazy, etc etc etc.

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It's not the only way but I'd say it's the healthiest/natural way to change a behavior.

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yeah I am alco and can confirm, I say I want to stop but in reality I don't, just feel I should. But in reality I want those 4-5 beers a day as they are the only thing I enjoy in my life.

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Can confirm that approach works. Did it myself in 2004 and never looked back.

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You can do all above except smoke them with same results. That would be much more simple instruction to remember.

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Just dont buy them.


Ok smoked for 25 years right. Heres the fucken deal -

Buy smokes. But leave them in your bag/drawer. DO take them to work. Because part of the 'oh shit ive got no cigarettes' habit means.... you go buy more. you buy more, you find more in weird places when youre weak, and you smoke them.

Leave em in your drawer.

Buy some nicorette spray. Not patches. Not gum. LOL @ vaping. Nicorette spray. The whole point of that shit is to slowly ween off the smokes over like 3 or 4 weeks. SO. When was i smoking?

Well fucking any time i had a chance to go outside, or had a time limit or something. So.... instead of taking your smokes out of your drawer when you go on lunch. You use the spray instead and leave em behind.

It actually fucking works.

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Need that for my father. Lol. Everyday, my mother and siblings come up with all sorts of clever ways to stop him from going out for a smoke.

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Russian? Get those sand people off of here.

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at least a quarter of the accounts here are Russian.

Can't you tell?

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Check out the tounge in the last pic. ..."with some fava beans and a nice chianti."

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Did it work?

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Looks more like a feminist wet dream.

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