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Nothing prevents poor people from gathering up their trash and putting it into neat little piles somewhere out of sight of their homes. But there is an obvious correlation between shiftlessness and poverty. It seems to me most likely that people are poor because they are shiftless, and not the other way around.

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There is also the issue that Indians think that keeping their house clean is the goal and do not care where the trash goes. They aren't dirty because they are poor, they are dirty because trash outside their home is someone else's problem. Bangalore started door to door trash pickup only in 2000. And they pick up very little at the curb because people still would rather dump shit on a side street instead of putting it in a can at the road in front of their house. It isn't laziness for sure because it actually is more work to carry the shit around the back of the house to a side street. This is a cultural thing no different than the fact that the Ganges got filthy because their culture believes it is self-cleansing.

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So they're fucking retarded. Gotcha. Got an excuse for Haiti and other Nigger countries that are filled with Trash? Or how most of them have a public deification issue?

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I've been to india and this is exactly it. A lot of indians make enough to live at a pretty comparable lifestyle to poor americans but choose not to. They buy stuff in individual packages instead of in bulk, argue down the price of anything long past any value or quality being able to remain, never take care of or even get anything of value.

They don't industrialize at all. They just operate at bottom operating level which ever satisfies their most basic needs and the cheapest most immediate cost. They use small store bags instead of trash bags and a bin for their entire house's trash (each house will have one small store bag with trash in it sitting on the floor of the kitchen, so therefor a lot of trash sits around the house because there is no easy access bag to put it in). They hand wash and air dry all their clothes even though they can long past afford a machine, which consumes insane amounts of their time. Most use taxis for everything even though they can afford a vehicle.

Their poverty mainly has nothing to do with a lack of cash and none of that changes if they move to america. If they make a lot of money in america, they stay afloat like a person who constantly wins the lottery stays afloat. They don't know how to properly use that money and build assets, get long term assets and build themselves up with it.

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Cultural inferiority.

This is why multiculturalism is bad.

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A documentary I was watching covered one of these areas in india and there were like 100 people standing outside complaining about how the area only had one public toilet / washroom for an area of about 25000 people and none of the houses had any toilets washrooms so they all shit in the street and bathe in the shit-crusted river.


Found it:


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Mooji is trying to change this, he has been putting public toilets in villages but the people are refusing to use them, saying there are ghosts and bad spirits in there. I kid you not. They prefer to go in the fields but the article also said women are waiting until after dark to use the restroom in the field because they are getting raped in they day time. I imagine they are using chamber pots because who can hold it all day long?

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India is what happens when an entire nation "gets used to the smell"

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Borders may be imaginary but the differences of culture and people living within those borders aren't.

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in a perfect world, borders would be an exact representation of genetic/cultural shifts (eg southern and northern Italy would be two separate countries)

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it's no wonder they're trying to flood northern italy first.

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Borders are a kind of legal fiction, if you think about it. There's no intrinsic quality of a thing you've purchased that makes it yours, but the legal fiction of property makes it so for practical purposes. Borders are imaginary in the same way that ownership is imaginary.

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Unfortunately borders do nothing to stop the smell

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If the primitive, low IQ street crappers in India acted like normal people are reduced their reproductive output, India might have a chance. Instead, they breed like rats.

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Human rights is destructive.

The most undesirable group of people always breed the most. This is why we shouldn't give foreign aid to starving shitskins so their numbers don't grow. Let them perish naturally through natural selection.

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Couldn't tell you, they both sound like feces laden countries.

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Bhutan looks like one of the nicest, cleanest and most untainted countries on earth. It's still full of lush jungles and I met a couple that went there and they said that it was amazing and the people have fought to preserve their culture very well. It's high up on my bucket list of places to visit and seeing it in pictures reminds me of Farcry 4.

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Ah, well than the fecal peoples live on the right.

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Bhutan is an amazing country, not at all feces laden.

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This kind of ignorant comment is what turn educated people to the left.

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So Xenophobic. Do you not know it's the current year??

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half demolished India is the bigger shit hole plus the car number plate 2 letters, 3 numbers 4 numbers gives India away

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India to the right no doubt

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How can you enforce a border like that?

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i'm guessing any time one of the bindis tries to sneak over, the smell gives them away and they're caught within 5 minutes.

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Supposedly, there are places along the American border that have no fences either. All you can do is patrol them, use cameras and drones. As for Bhutan and India, I suppose no one cares. I just don't know why anyone would stay in India seeing how nice Bhutan is.

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Because Indians can't just cross the border and get free gibs, education, healthcare, and vote in elections like Mexicans in America.

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This looks like the aftermath of an earthquake or something

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