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In the future they’re just gonna edit all the white people to have black skin and nobody will know what happen. They’ll just say we never existed. Please look below this comment to see the great @slayfire122 rendition and bless them with upvotes

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Wow did you do that?

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We exist? Not according to Historians so we must be wrong. Damn!

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implying they'll have computers without whites

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Light skin will be extinct eventually through genocide and miscegenation (colored hair/eye will be extinct even earlier).

In the future, everyone would think ancient roman or ancient mongols were black or brown because there's no light skin left.

This is an inevitable thing, ever since some retards decided to repeal anti-miscegenation laws and eliminate segregation. % of white people over the world population has been, and will keep declining until it hits zero.

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We were all off in our own seperate little worlds doing nicely, evolving, minding our own business for the most part. Then we made the internet world wide and killed that shit with the quickness. It’s gonna be 1/3 black 1/3 indian and 1/3 oriental then whatever those people look like

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It's pretty well known that she was European...

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European like fifty years ago European, or European like today's young, hip, explodey brown European?

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27th dynasty is the the most obvious one with black pharaohs

I am sure there were a few with mixed asncestry, especially since race as a concept really didn't develop until modern times. the 1800s.

And even then they distinguished the english race from the irish race from the german race from the french race. etc etc etc

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I know it's not 27th dynasty. What about greek/macedonian lineage? The last great dynasty of egypt started with Alexander the Greats general/bodyguard Ptolemy. Alexander's empire divided on his death, Egypt went to Ptolemy, as he was named satrap of Egypt. His dynasty ruled from 305 bc to 30 bc. The famous Cleopatra is one of the last. I hate how movies have portrayed Cleopatra as a mixed breed nigger. Ptolemy is a great story how a loyal soldier made a great dynasty, which was brought down by a larger power in decadent decline. Not without a political influence/resistance/manipulation(Marc Anthony) on the events that eventually crushed it. Racism was also quite common then, it was just called tribalism. Its a natural instinct, before people got (((learned))) differently

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Didn't they use the word "breed" earlier? As in "well bred"?

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We were kings and such.

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No longer the first civilizations, no longer the spot where humans came from and no longer kings. At least they have peanut butter.

Oh wait...

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I’d tap that

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That’s just what the RAYCISS whiteys want you to believe

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We Wuz

Nope, but we were.

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