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I remember those days. "Fill'er up for 3 bucks" and a free glass and more S&H stamps. Mom stayed home raising the kids while "the old man" worked his ass off.
Niggers had families just like us until LBJ's fucking Great Society screwed up the USA.

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Niggers had families just like us until LBJ's fucking Great Society screwed up the USA.

Wait, say more about this, please

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The few black kids I knew in the 50's and '60 were in a real family setting. The Great Society increased welfare, Medicaid, low-cost housing and other free stuff. The outcome was a breakdown of the family causing a substantial increase in unwed mothers and men unwilling to learn or work. Just screw the "hoes" and leave for more drugs. LBJ's comment "With this plan niggers will vote Democrat for 200 years". Look at Detroit, Milwaukee, Oakland, etc. All major cities have areas to avoid that used to be good, white areas.

Edit: I'm almost 70 and I remember those days past.

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Beautiful world. Thank Allah we started shipping in all this cultural diversity. The country would be really fucked right now if there were under 200 million people living in it and we had almost no crime.

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I can't even imagine.

Open the gates!!

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Open the gates!!

Hannibal is at the gates.

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Back when America was >90% white. Those were the true good old days. MAWA

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You can thank your race traitor grandparents for letting the country go to shit and be destroyed before any of us were even born

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You can thank a jew for killing the guy who was gonna deport the blacks back to africa.

But hey, why stop now, we can play the blame game all day long, it's sunday!

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I love those old '50s cars with the humped backs and rounded shoulders and enormous chrome grills. Do you know that you could actually use the bumpers on those old cars for towing things, and they wouldn't bend and rip off?

Everything in the photo looks clean and new. The 1950s were a hopeful time. There was work for everybody, wages were going up, and the future was so bright we had to wear shades.

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If the picture were scratch and sniff, it would reek of prosperity......., with a hint of lavender and leaded gasoline.

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And then the kikes passed the '65 immigration act.

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Looks idyllic.

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Look how nice and simple everything is. Nice cars

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Fuck I want the chance to live and date in 50's America

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It gives us the nice, bright colors.

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