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That's a triple rape and homicide waiting to happen.

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Nah, they made the trip there, deliberately, to get gang-banged by niggers. Look at the coy embarrassment in their eyes.

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read like Swedish mud ducks, I think the Swede government has some investment, they hate America and the rest of Europe but Swede socialist have invested in selling a bunch of pick up trucks and boats to Africa, I think Volvo or a bunch of car or weapons companies are involved

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Disgusting. A woman with class would never find herself with pocs. Or alone in a room with a group of them. Makes me sick to see it.

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hashtag...Last night in Swedistan? Blondes the sterotype is they are typically really dumb creates.

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White women are mostly degenerate whores.

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Not being home during christmas is not cool, and I miss my family so much.... But I have to celebrate this(Im norwegian so this part might be wrong)! Merry christmas from Tanzania!

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Always fascinating how Swedish is close enough to Norwegian that you can read and understand it. Isn't the other one the same way?

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after talking with some drunk Swedish....where you see the real side of them....what I understood is the Swede, they understand English perfectly but they can not understand their Scandinavian brothers and sisters in Norway and Finland anymore

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Are they just over picking up diseases or working for the government to sell Africa some tanks, guns, Saab Gripen in exchange for diamonds and refujihadis? Do Nordic Scandinavian think Swedish are too far gone?

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Swedes are way too far gone, I've spoken with a few of my Swedish friends and they think the same.
Norway was headed down the same path but we got saved by a beautiful warrior called Sylvi Listhaug.

"Opinion polls have consistently shown Listhaug to have the highest approval rating of all government ministers from her party, and several others.[23] In September 2016, a poll showed that 59% of Norway's population approved of her work on immigration, with less than a quarter disapproving.[24]"


This makes me proud to be Norwegian again.

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I thought this was photoshopped for sure but it's real... What the fuck.

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Wait this is Israel?

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Google's image recognizing ai thing must have gotten smart enough to realize that real Israelites are black.

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Not all white women. Just certain ones. Why don't they go off and live in shit hole countries if they like black cock so much. It would increase the averages of both countries that way.

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Except that women don't have agency and it is in fact jews who let these subhumans in in the first place.

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We're not losing white wemon, we're culling unfit wemon from the white gene pool.

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Uhhh...not if the they all stay in the country and their children get them all government benefits (our money) Don't lie to your self.

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Just gotta make sure to deport the mud babies after birth to Africa.

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This. Underrated post.

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Burn the coal, probably get raped.

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