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I learned to type on an antique quite similar to this, much wider carriage...I think it had been manufactured to be an accounting typewriter, wider to accommodate spreadsheets. It was great, steampunk for real. That was around 1958, and even then at age twelve or so I could appreciate the nature of quality manufacturing compared to more modern stuff.

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All you needed was a spider plant to complete the scene and I bet you even had one of those didn't you?

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Well, the spider plants were everywhere in my world, yes. Not in my boy's bedroom, though...had a mahogany desk probably made by a highschool shop student, a world of dust bunnies (lived in the attic room), and all kinds of books in those old-fashioned divided-box wooden slatted orange crates. Triangular windows because of the dormer, I used to lie in bed at night and watch the headlights of cars coming up the road create a sweeping triangle of light that would sweep across the ceiling. That is, if I wasn't under the covers with my hot lamp reading- to keep from hearing my father's voice from down the stairwell, "Turn that goddamn light out!!"

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