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Look if we frame this DACA thing as trying to improve Mexico maybe we can sway the retards. I’m swaying myself already.

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Oooh! Good idea! Maybe point out how theybe abandoned their motherland and if only they werent selfish and used their hard work, excellent skills and $$$ in Mexico it would turn it around!!!

Then, when they point out most send $$$ back to Mexico, be shocked and ask how bad taking $$$ out of our market without paying taxes in first place hurts true Americans.

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having $$$ doesn't make you rich. The stuff you buy with it or sell for it, does.

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Trump should work with Mexico to make them great! My conservative Latino friends have been on this for many years.

The retards (Liberals) won't go along because they are taking a cut in the drug and weapons traffic from Mexico. How do you think all this shit gets to the US?

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Well, you can have pride to your ancestor country but you have to be very devoted, respectfully and worthy to your new host country and be proud and patriotic about it, not like most niggers.

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Literal niggers didn’t really have a choice.

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They've had a choice since 1865 - Liberia. Lincoln was even working on sending large amounts of them there before he got shot. Problem is, Liberia has a shit welfare system, Ebola and no white wimmins.

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They do now!

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LOL. Back to the shit hole you go buddy.

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What's wrong with Mexico? Mucho sol y tortillas. What do you need more?

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It should celebrated like his birthday gift. Imagine being in north korea and getting a deportation for being Viva x country

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LOL @ la ra za shirt.