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Those types of monkeys are faster and stronger than they look. One of them alone can tear your face off. A pack of them would debone him in minutes if they were inclined.

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For example: https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=775_1491483408

Its not the best video, but one of those little dudes actually takes a 140-150 lb man to the ground. Fuckers seem to defy physics.

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Haha badass little monkey fucker.

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Maybe, but I just cannot imagine losing a fight to something 10% of my size.

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That animal has been fighting and working out pretty much everyday since it was born. Humans are no where near the physical condition we once were.

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How much money do you need for us to throw you and a monkey ina ring? You’ll have to sign something first though. “Yes I, _____ am willingly making this poor decision.

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Try to tackle a bobcat.

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I can't tell. Are thoses the niggers or the spics?

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One bite and you have no way to know which one did it. He is in real danger here.

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They look for the animal after a bite to determine if it has rabbies. If unsure, they will give you the rabbies shots just in case. But yeah, he's in danger.

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Are these like the Japanese snow monkeys?

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TIL don't fucking feed the animals!

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Oh hell no! I have no monkey phobia, but that might just give me such a complex.

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I would not want any wild animals climbing me.

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that's an insult to monkeys.

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It takes 3 men to hold one of those monkeys down. They make ninja warriors look like cream puffs.

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