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No civilized nation should allow dual citizenship. It opens the door to other countries exercizing political influence over you.

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Its so disappointing how most Americans don't give a shit about this

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When my relatives came over in the 70s and applied for full citizenship they had to pledge their loyalty to the US as a condition of acceptance.

On a personal level it seems to be advantageous being a citizen of multiple countries.

From the state’s perspective I wonder how you can argue allowing it isn’t a conflict of interests. I can’t seem to make the argument myself, how do our politicians justify it?

Or do they?

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Those that hold power and have dual citizenship need to die or step down

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Buddy from Australia had to give up his citizenship and pledge his loyalty to the USA, same should go for ANY government employee.

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From an ~1870's Federal Nationalization Record: https://kek.gg/i/4XntYn.png

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Weiner resigned in 2011. Whoever made that needs to update it. Sorry, I haven't had my coffee yet.

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Also, Bernie Sanders has no publicly documented dual-citizenship, so the rest of the list's accuracy is very questionable.

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i noticed this too. the list is basically bullshit

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Giffords is out as well.

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And Franken.

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giffords is the fucking bitch that is related directly to the nasa hoax faggots.

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Steve Israel is still jewish.. so its pretty up to date there

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This should be ILLEGAL!

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There is no dual-loyalty, only loyalty to Israhell.

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u.s. passport is a sheepskin cloak at this point

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There was a quote from Lord Rothschilde, about how he balances his loyalty to Israel and is loyalty to England. He said he is not conflicted he is loyal to Israel.

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Wow. How is it not an issue that the people that are representing the people of the fucking country are also tied to ANOTHER COUNTRY?!?!?

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How is it not an issue when this other state has attacked the United States, i.e. the attack on the USS Liberty? Then there's the issue of Zionist involvement in 9/11.


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Who the fuck votes for Feinstein? I'm guessing is the boomers and the dead.

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That would be my guess most boomers are so out of touch and deluded its not even funny. This lady has repeatedly committed treason against this country and somehow manages to still hold a senate position.

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Oy vey goyim! The chosen race does not control world governments! Where did you get this information? Shut it down!

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It has to be ended. In the future no jew will be allowed in any position of power in any country.

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