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Hahaha you magnificent shit stirring bastard.

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Extensive list of geoengineering patents

Basically you have to be either blind or retarded to not notice we're under attack. Seriously, they're spraying atleast 5 days a week where you live, i guarantee it. Look up.

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Agreed and there's not one country they are not spraying. It's not arguable anymore. Samples from across the world show they are spraying strontium, barium and aluminium nanoparticulates. But no one seems to care. Today's kids won't know there was a time the sun was yellow and the sky was blue. Now both are white.

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To be used by Haarp ?

Melt things and people with ?

Or to deflect sun rays ?

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Lol awesome

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My buddy has a similar sticker on his water bottle that says "Chem trail flight crew." I've been meaning to get one, shits hilarious .

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Anyone who is not in a fluoride-aspartame induced vegetative state and still has the ability to think critically should check out Matt Landman 's Frankenskies.

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Yeah. And homeopathy works.

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Great isn't it?! I shrunk an ovarian cyst with homeopathy. Thank god I could then cancel surgery.

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It's called geothermal engineering

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Chemical spraying isn't about ruining your health.

Chemical spraying isn't about making the land or people infertile.

Chemical spraying is just about geoengineering.

If I had to guess, I suspect the motives are something along the lines of:

  • Manipulate weather for profit, e.x. weather exchanges

  • Decrease solar radiation just enough to increase the tipping point where solar becomes massively popular, say a couple decades out.

  • Climate forcing as 'proof' of climate change.

Or the narratives of 'chemical spraying' and 'chemtrails' were started as a ruse to cover something bigger: like putting up an atmospheric shield against emp, putting up something that will make an emp worse (because "some group wants 90% of the population dead" or so I'm told) or managing a climate that really has drastically changed. Or maybe even a shield against something from space, like solar flares--or even it's just a giant fuck you distraction from something else entirely.

I don't know but whatever it is, the actual motivations are probably in the list above.

My guess: Solar radiation management. Major energy companies could lose big time if or when solar becomes a dominant energy source. The problem I'd see as a strategic planner is, unlike coal and other methods, solar makes us that much more vulnerable to emp long term. Worse, if solar becomes standard, then we improve the infrastructure, electricity goes down in price, and the demand for lithium skyrockets--assuring, beyond the shadow of a doubt, war with north korea, and by extension china, and basically handing free reign to russia.

On the other hand, if you're playing the long game, by pushing the tipping point for solar dominance out just a little further, you may delay it just long enough to prompt a crisis leading to regulatory rollback on nuclear. All the money in new energy investments then flocks to nuclear plants. The logic goes that we have to dispose of this 'nuclear waste' so we rebuild our nuclear arsenal merely as a 'matter of course'.

While not a huge advantage, if russia ever attacks us then, or someone hits us with an emp, the nuclear reactors spread all over the u.s. go down, and when backup generators, fuel and maintenance fail to arrive--BOOM. Entire u.s. is uninhabitable for all intents in purposes. No one gets to claim the u.s in our absence. The solution to MAD is scorched earth. Russia would be forced to do the same, as would china, and everywhere else.

In fact that would explain why so many countries are spraying.

Delay solar long enough to divert energy investments into nuclear.

If everyone does that than MAD is pointless because not only does everyone lose, the problem changes from "whoever loses the least, wins", to "whoever loses, loses everything. And everyone loses."

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Chemical spraying isn't about ruining your health.

Chemical spraying isn't about making the land or people infertile.

Yeah those are just bonuses for the globalists.

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What the actual fuck.

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