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I'm an actual retired scientist and I don't even understand half of those words. I don't speak your moon language, but it sure is pretty!

Actually, I came to mention that that resolution is phenomenal. In college, I got to play with a very expensive electron microscope. I used it to look at my dead skin cells and that was the entire experience I had with it. If I'm doing the math right, the finest resolution was about 300x less fine than that one. More accurately, if I'm remembering the resolution properly.

I wasn't into the organic sciences, but had to get the 'basics' covered. Still, we've made such huge advances in optics.

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We only had mirror microscopes in high school, as if electricity weren't invented yet by President Thomas Edison.

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LOL I went to a posh high school, but the electron microscope wasn't until college. I played with it in the early 80s. I don't recall the number, but it was worth millions of dollars back then.