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Haha. The SJWs will cry "Europeans have nothing to do with the United States!"

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I grabbed this from /pol/ and yes, there was a LOT of that going around.

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From pol or sjws?

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Big sign.

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God Bless the USA!

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The two-lane road next to a two-lane bike path suggests a city (as does the parallel parking and the in-median parking lot), the brick building in the background suggests an older university, and the changing colors of the leaves suggest somewhere in the Northern half of the US.

Beyond that, we need more pictures or a better quality version of this one (so that we can read license plates and distant signs).

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its HUGE!

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I think you mean, Yuge!

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I immigrated to Canada almost 20 years ago. They should not have let my family in, maybe I could have been productive to my own country? The transformation I have seen since I got here is mind boggling. When I got here, everything was nice and good. Canada was most definitely a first world country with great benefits. It was a good place to be. Now, when I see a group of children in a school trip and more than half are niggers and shitskins, I am not surprised. Canada already lost the demographic war as far as young children are concerned.

Americans, don't let that happen to you. Put your own country first, as I should had way back (In my defense, I was still a child).

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It's the same in America in some places.

Progressive leftist ideology is a disaster. It's been a disaster everywhere the progressives get political power.

Fucking Trudeau is so much worse than his predecessors, how the fuck did he get elected? People need to start using their brain more, not feelings.

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I'll tell you how he got elected. During the last vote, people were ashamed or afraid to admit they supported the conservatives. There was a collective air of "If you are not voting liberal (or NDG if you are a hipster) you are nazy" kind of vibe. Canadians, at least from big cities, are some of the most brainwashed people in the planet. Schools are indoctrination centers. It is censorship and herd mentality combined that produced what can arguably be called the cuckiest man of the 21 century, the illegitimate child of the 1st Trudeau's wive and Fidel Castro.

That combined with the fact that every (((candidate))) is the same deep down, makes Canadian politics a very shitty affair.

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Yeah, like when they elected a Billionaire conman in the US based on feelings. LOL

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I think it's already too late for America, and for Europe, of course.

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NICE!! I love to see this spirit

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i suppose the money i donated to this group helped pay for this. so, in a way, i'm partly responsible.

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Identity Europa

Not that I'm against the message, but isn't that confusing as fuck? How can America be first if you identify with another continent?

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I think it's supposed to make you ask questions.

Best to get a driver curious than to try and cram in the whole red pill on highway sign.

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Highway signs are not the best place to address the JQ, for example.

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Obviously, but the context is confusing and contradicting.

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All Americans are descendants of Europeans.

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That's objectively not true.

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Demand it.

No one has to stay in the country if they don't like it. All are free to leave.

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Well then we can crowd source that for them. Any money left over can be used to buy buckets of tar and bales of feathers

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At first I thought that the Evropa was some ironic fucking Spanish translation of its message.

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