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Neat videos, but I really hate scientism. Science as a religion is far worse than spirituality as a religion.


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When I break out a ruler and measure a piece of wood, I'm not required to pray to science nor to believe or not what 2 feet 3 inches are. I'm somewhat lucky to live in a time where scientists are not killed in the name of blasphemy. The computer you are using, was not the result of prayer but applied scientific methods and engineering.


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You're arguing against some kind of weird argument I didn't make. I never said my computer was the result of prayer rather than scientific pursuits, that would be insanely stupid. Our society required religion to make it far enough and allow science to progress in spite of the occasional damage religion did to "scientific process" (and indeed, religion has helped just as much as it has hindered considering its fostering nature towards early scholars). Spirituality is an innate feature of the human brain, and diverting it away from the steady foundation which religion provides and towards "science" as some kind of weird, emergent entity and philosophy is a terrible mistake.

The videos you posted are spiritual in nature. They do not evoke rational, scientific ideas. Like it or not, your videos are the epitome of science as religion.