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This is a wall of text, not a picture.

What's the name of this sub? Pics.

Stop forum sliding, dumbfuck.


No memes, comics, "posters", image macros, etc. Submissions with text overlays, screenshots with large amounts of text, infographics, and similar posts must have emphasis on the picture itself and not the text/chart/symbol/etc.

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I enjoyed it so fuck you you autistic sperg inbred kikenigger chinkdogeater 9000

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Your insults to @Clamhurt_legbeard are about as effective as an incel in a whore house. You should try harder, or kill yourself, whatever.

On a serious note, she has a valid point.

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I held the door open for a feminist once, she scoffed. Later on, I ran into her again and I let it slam in her face. That was fun.

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I'm guessing that in both instances she claimed she was being oppressed. Feminist cognitive dissonance is known as blaming the patriarchy for everything.

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Honestly, I think she got what she wanted.

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I just thought about saying hello and I guess my eyes moved a little. That was enough.

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Why is this on pics?

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Wouldn't it be easier to bury them? (kidding obviously)

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the unfortunate part is where a line of accusers starts to form that have never even heard of not bearing false witness. The truth? You tell me! Do you REALLY think that Bruce Jenner is a "woman" now?! We are in the midst of a fucked up period in history, where fiction, fantasy, illusion, delusion... are offered as a replacement to reality, BECAUSE they cannot cope with reality without making up shit.