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I have to play devil's advocate and say all of this was somewhat innocuous. In order to call something "Groping" (and not "Gropping" for fuck's sake) you'd have to be grabbing her breasts or ass or something of that nature. What he's doing in those pictures could be considered "unwanted touching" but it's not of a sexual nature. and you think you're going to spy a chubby through his pants? Yeah right.

But none of this changes the fact that Weinstein along with the rest of hollywood is pretty fucking low on the pond scum totem pole.


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Yah I'd say you have a point. But that's multiple pics of clearly very possesive touching. I got a question some dude at a bar starts doing that to your girlfriend/wife sister/daughter You gunna let that slide? I might not knock him the fuck out. But im gunna be in his fucking face screaming at the LEAST. And I AM going to be putting my hands on him. Grabbing his arm, poking him in the chest and if he wants to get aggressive back in ANY way. I'm swinging for the fences.

And really...thats being very giving. A lot of dudes wouldn't say a word and would just walk up and knock you the fuck out for the shit. Hell, some guys would fucking stab or shoot you for that kind shit.

EDIT- Oh, actually looks like dude was just trying to get her away from another creeper who was trying to get her to sign an upskirt shot... That changes the context of those photos a lot. If some dudes getting creepy with a friend of mine yah I could easily start getting very close to her try to push/pull her away.


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This pic didn't come up when I found these. Thanks.


[–] Oh_Well_ian ago 

that's shopped as fuck... c'mon, look at the thumb line