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Ok, I will give you that sex robots are almost here, but where are the fucking flying cars?

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Still working on them. Making great strides.


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I KNEW what that was going to be when I clicked on it. Bravo, ser. :D

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Still needs some work

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Meta as fuq

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kind of glad they're going with sexy, silent sex bots and not getting too lifelike yet. last thing i need is a replicant that thinks it's human.

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I came to ask this exact question... in the exact same way.

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The borg mind is synchronizing.

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Would you really want the general public who can't drive regular cars to drive flying cars?

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Why not? People are already adjusting building standards to have bullet proof walls on at least the first floor for nigger drive-bys. Dome shaped concrete structures would be useful for hurricane situations as well as warding off Mohammed's 911 re-enactment attempts.

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Once again Hollywood whitewashes a movie that should consist entirely of Asian actors /s

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I breathed that air for ten days.... Its no fucking wonder everyone in that city carries a water bottle filled with green tea leaves with them everywhere! Black boogers every night... What a crazy city and I didn't even see .1% of what was there...

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I was there during a January and the air wasn't too bad then. Summer months are brutal.

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I've been there twice, both during the summer time. The first time the pollution was so bad I had bronchitis. The second time that I went the sky was very clear (until the last day).

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Blade Runner takes place in Los Angeles 2019, not Beijing. Still a great picture, both OP's post and the movie.

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I know. But the point still stands.

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Beijing is the LA of China. Blade Runner is a story that takes place in China, but told as if it took place in the US, for political reasons.

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Now that is freaky. Going to watch that movie again.

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Try Shenyang in the winter.
(Near the North Korean boarder.)
Airliner cabin door opens and your eyes start stinging, then tearing up, and doesn't stop until
you leave.
Beijing is bad, but gotta give the nod to Shenyang.
And don't even talk about Mexico City and the fecal matter count in the air.
Cairo, can get pretty bad also.
Oh well. . . . .

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Beijing is the grossest place I've ever been. I have it on good authority from friends who have traveled the interior of northern China that it gets much worse.

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i can almost hear the vangelis music.

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