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When seconds count, the police are just minutes away!

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Even the pizza delivery man is faster than they are.

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It has a good idea but it's kind of really shittily executed. This is like one of those pics you see on the facebook timeline of that one loser you know who no one talks to and he has a really shitty life and lives in a trailer. Speed is not a measurement of time.

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Also revolvers do not eject shell casings like seems to be implied in the picture.

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They also don't float by themselves in midair but you didn't point that out for some reason.

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Yep. Should have referenced a 1911, and the response time as less than a second. Would have kept with the template better.

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lol the meme sucks. what did the guy in the trailer do? fuck your wife and leave herpes on your face?

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Nothing wrong with being a loner, living in a trailer, OR having a boring life. But combine them all and you're worthless.

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I HATE this damn meme. Every time it comes around it pisses me off all over again. 1400 fps is not a TIME. It is a rate. It makes gun owners sound like fucking retards.

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Hows about, "I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy."

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Except that is just as stupid because it implies that the police are there to protect you. They are not. They are there to uphold the law and serve the Jew and the Jew only. It is YOUR responsibility to protect yourself and your family.

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Now that I like!

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Isn't time a rate as well?

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One second per second?

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Yep. It's like the creator has never taken a physics or math class in their life. The actual response time will vary depending on where the gun is stored, if it is loaded and how fast you pull the trigger. The delay from the actual mechanics of the gun will be minimal (maybe in the ~100mS range?) compared to slow human reaction times.

And of course the time to reach the target will be (<distance in feet>/1400 Ft/Sec) Seconds

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Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Go fuck yourself.

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I like it, other than the ejected shell casings. I think people are getting a little to weird about the semantics...1400 feet per seconds sounds a lot cooler than 0.0023 seconds.

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It should have read "0.0023 seconds per foot," which is an impressive figure and also consistent use of units. But yeah, people here are sperging out way too hard over it.

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Cops draw chalk lines. Survivors draw concealed weapons.

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911 what a fucking scam. GTFO with that dinosaur government crap.

Shut all that worthless big brother shit down already.

Who in their right mind calls some washed up PTSD ex military skin heads with the legal right to beat the living fuck out of you for any reason.

Protect yourself. Never call a hero.

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It's interesting how a "free" service destroys any chance at competition, except for someone with a lot of money. Let it pay for itself by earning an honest profit, and then you open the door to real feedback, including it going bankrupt because it's inept.

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Its like all the school bullies in the world formed a union.

They took everyone's lunch money.

Then they provided some bread and water, but only after you called and waited hours. Then sometimes they beat the shit out of you and took even more of your stuff instead of giving you the terrible meal.

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If you ask them to turn a profit they will. And it will look like civil forfeiture.

Profit motives are not always in the public's best interest.

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You forgot to include the time it takes to pull the trigger, Grandma.

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23 minutes

Holy hell, is this really what its like in cities? It's maybe 5 minutes where I live.

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Depends on the city. Cities with poor budgets and a lot of debt tend to have underfunded, poorly trained and understaffed PDs. Those same cities tend to have corruption problems, which means there are a lot of the mayor or sheriff's cronies on the force, and they only ever do their jobs grudgingly. Cities with high crime areas will see lower average response times as calls to dangerous areas will be answered much slower.

Generally speaking the bigger the city the slower the response time, but that's not the biggest factor by a long shot. Houston for example boasts excellent average response times despite being the US's fourth largest city (also worth noting they didn't abandon their posts when the hurricane hit, so if you count the outliers that helps to keep the average down compared to other disaster-prone cities with less reliable police forces.) Memphis comes in at number 23, but has some of the worst response time averages in the country.

Obviously you can correlate the factors in the first paragraph with Black and Hispanic populations, Democratic voters, gun laws, poverty, welfare and, of course, each factor with the others. The point is that no one factor can be conclusively pointed to as causal, or at least if one can be you'll have a chicken and egg scenario with the other factors.

tl;dr: in a well run city with relatively few nogs, you can expect a much better response time than the national average. In a corrupt welfare state of a city with a bunch of nogs you can expect a much worse response time than the national average. Either way though, your immediate safety and the safety of your loved ones is on you, so plan accordingly. Quicker police responses just give you the option to try and turtle up (with your family and your gun) and wait for the police in the event of a home invasion where you don't want to try and survive a gunfight with multiple thugs who clearly aren't much concerned with living.

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It's more of a rural problem. I had a teacher who said it usually takes 55 minutes in middle of nowhere, NY

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Just left that state permanently already oogling pistols and ARs. Cant wait to start my collection.

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