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Wow.....that's an amazing photo.

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And couldn't have a clearer shot of the license plate.

Amazing how many people got knocked out of their shoes.

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No shoes = dead

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I think it is because that style of shoe is always worn really loose.

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We also have a clear picture showing that the back window was intact when the car ran over people, instantly disproving the "someone smashed the back window with a baseball bat, and in the driver's panic, he zoomed forward into the crowd" theory.

Considering that the police were specifically stopping the conservatives from marching when this happened, this stinks of a big false flag meant to discredit the "New Right"/"Lion Party".

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Looks pretty dam calm, wonder what he's got on Hillary.

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Why is the outside tinted so red? To cancel out the windshield tint?

Also, if this is from the moment the car drove forward into the crowd, then this supports the "the driver intentionally ran people over" theory. If most people in a car realize that their car isn't working as they expected or the crowd has them spooked, they'll naturally get a look of panic, horror, or sadness. This guy is just staring ahead, possibly with a slight look of contempt. Either the driver has a mental illness that leaves him unable to sympathize with others or he knew exactly what he was doing.

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Looks white to me

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Accidental Renaissance?

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When I was very young, my mother imparted this wisdom to me:

"Son, if you don't want to get hit by a car, don't stand in the street."

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My dad told me about how he was coming home from work one night to my mom before I was born when a dude jumped out in front of his car to carjaack him. Had he been a liberal, he would have stopped to give the guy money and I wouldn't be here.

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She probably didn't know about Muslims back then.

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License plate got quads. What did KeK mean by this?

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Kek wants us to know the driver acted in self defense. He will be vindicated. We all know how blm and antifa love to block traffic and attack cars.

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There's a full video of him taking a run at them from a block away. Didn't look like defense to me. If I can find the link again I'll edit with link.

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I knew it wasn't a random Alt-right attack before researching anything. It's just too damned convenient for TPTB.

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Wow. What are the odds that such a professionally shot, perfectly framed and dramatic photo could be taken in the middle of such a shocking and frantic situation. Almost like someone was waiting to take such a shot.

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I've tried wildlife motion shots of birds and insects. I couldn't get this quality of still, without being ready for it ahead of time. I still have a lot to learn, but this looks too clear. The water droplets are all visible without streaks.

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It's probably just a screenshot from one of the dozens of livestreams

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No you nigger faggot this is obviously taken with a DSLR camera, look at the focus, the aperture...

And everyone has cameras at these events it's not that implausible that someone was able to snap a pic of this.

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That is not a screen cap.

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You're an idiot.

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you can take still frames from a live stream and then edit it until it looks like a photo that was taken

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This is higher quality than a live stream. Clearly a shot with a camera with a narrower range of focus.

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No. This is not CSI, you can't enhance a photo to a higher resolution than the original.

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False flag you think?

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Driver panicked and tried to flee when the protestors appeared hostile, it wasn't an attack.

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Some people are reporting that someone threw a rock at the car and he accelerated to get away, but there are conflicting reports of what happened.

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Fucking hypocrite.

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Oh so the kikes want this to spark civil war? Good, I don't give a fuck.

Likely this started because they were hunting alt right people down in parking garages and beating them up. What the fuck did they think was going to happen?

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Of course it was! The establishment fears the day of the pitchforks! Today could have been the catalyst for that day. So they did what they could to shut it down before it gets too obvious how much support there is for the sane side of this whole cultural marxism exercise.

We must try again.

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Considering how this event was clearly set up, cops got paid to attack peaceful organizers who had a right to demonstrate their, and the instant attention the (((media))) is giving this, trying to frame it as white supremacist Nazi terrorism, I'd say yes, probably a set up.

Look at how fucking obsessed this random Pakistani sand nigger is about making this about white people in their own country: https://twitter.com/kumailn

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every live stream on youtube died all of a sudden right around when the car struck. I can't find anything live except msm.

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Now that is curious.

Why was that?

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Probably cuz youtube only let the left stream and they all got ran over at the sametime

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What about periscope

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Black Lives Splatter?

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