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[–] Rotteuxx [S] 0 points 132 points (+132|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Somehow the imgur app failed in sending the descriptions I wrote or I just don't see them, so here goes :

I bought this 1864 Anglican church in a small community in Quebec about an hour north of Ottawa. I have the original 1864 bill of sales when the original land owner sold the lot to the Archbishop of Montreal for 1$.

The bottom will become my metal fabrication shop with a laundry/mechanical room in the back, the top floor will be my loft. I'll put in a few sun wells on the eastern roof slope and add a dormer to the western roof with a patio door opening up to my futur deck overlooking the village and the river.

I'll do an open concept loft with 8' walls separating only the bedroom & washroom from the rest of the 2nd floor.

Lots of stuff was left behind, like my soon to be refurbished GE wringer washer, also a very nice forced air wood burning furnace.

Stay tuned for updates, will post a lot of progress in /v/diy and finished projects here in /v/pics.

Edit : Sweet reception for my first Voat post, loving the chatter folks.

Edit 2 : to save my inbox from people with broken mouse scrollers, I got it dirt cheap, no dead people under or near, this is how I got it. Structure is beautiful and only need the usual repairs.


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That sounds awesome. I've always wanted to get a small church like this and turn it into a home or a coffee spot.


[–] Rotteuxx [S] 0 points 24 points (+24|-0) ago 

Funny how things work out in life sometimes...

I've dreamed of a project like this for years, also I've always jokingly said that my dream home would be my fab shop (i'm a welder & machinist) with a loft on top.

I just double checked my buckect list !! Woohoo !


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There is a coffee shop where I live that used to be an old church.


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Check the front pew, right leg


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Honey, do you wanna know who shot JFK?


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What'd I miss?


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You should run a Brothel out of it.


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The place could probably use some legal-age sex, yeah.


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That's pretty amazing, I look forward to seeing how it goes.