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I've been to the top of Fuji-san!

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Me too 1963

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Fresh. Clean.

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I remember getting sent to a USMC camp near Fuji years ago, this one dude that had been there before kept telling me how awesome it is. When we got there, there was fog everywhere so you couldn't see it, but he assured me I'd be amazed when it was clear. Hours later, he urged me to look out the window to see this awesome spectacle, so I did, only to see nothing but a purplish color at the horizon. "There ain't nothing but clouds out there!", I protested. He said "No, look UP!" while crouching down at the window and pointing up about 30 degrees. What I thought was a cloud bank was actually the base of the mountain, the peak was silhouetted against a red sunset. A few days later, some guys set off from the barracks early one morning to climb the mountain, and returned all hot and sweaty about 1:00PM. We asked how the view was and they replied "We only made it to the bottom and we were already tired so we turned around". Turns out the military camp was 6 miles from the base of the mountain. Later, they caught a ride to get to the bottom and brought back pics from the peak, but it was foggy again so not much to see.

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It seems like such a peaceful place to be.

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That's beautiful. I want to go see it in person.

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Fishing for those points eh? You fuckin kike

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I really don't care about points. But I do care about voat having fabulous content, unlike you it seems.

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Instead of posting picture by picture why do t you upload an album then faggot. Each one of your posts contributes nothing from your own mind except a copy paste tactic. Don't try and act like you're naive to this.

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