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People might think the FBI is worthless but in fact they are far from it. The reason why the FBI was created in the first place and the reason for its existence was and is to cover up the crimes of the government and for the higher ups, i think that is quite obvious by just looking at their history. Everytime the government is involved in any crime, specially big ones their buddies at the FBI is there to cover the shit up. The only people the FBI investigate and try to prosecute are the low-level criminals. The FBI needs to go asap.


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100% Agreed!

FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.. all need to be dismantled.. Anyone that calls themselves the permanent government is a treasonous organization!

Just a bunch of arrogant assholes who are the real criminals..

I use to wonder how someone on a government salary lived in huge mansions.. There is no doubt that these people are the real criminals and traitors to the US!


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